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Group B Strep & possible induction

Hi there. I’m curious to know if anyone else has tested positive for Group B Strep? Is your Doctor suggesting an induction if so? Or just the antibiotics during labor?

My Doc suggested we set our induction for 2 days before our due date (that happens to be Valentines Day). For this reason and because she’s only at the hospital we’ll deliver at on Wednesday’s. If I go into labor any other day, it’ll be another doc delivering.

I’ve never had an induction. Each of our boys arrived on their own naturally and on time & I have a hard time having peace with it. I’d love to hear past or current stories. Obviously we want to do what is healthiest for Baby, but not something unnecessary.
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Re: Group B Strep & possible induction

  • I tested positive for group B strep with my first 2 babies. There was no talk at all from my doctors about inducing for that reason. It wasn't a big deal, and they just put my on IV antibiotics when I went into labor.
  • Same here . Tested pos and they started me on IV abx when I got to the hospital ..  no induction .. and if that's something that concerns you don't let your doctor talk you into it !! Where I live the GYN mentality is induce at 8 csection At 5 ....  thy want to be home in time for the evening news and it just unnerves me !!! 
               5 years IF & 2 losses

            ~~ DS Born 2/28/2013 ~~
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    Happily expecting another miracle !
     EDD 11/20

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