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Brown Discharge 5 weeks

Hey guys... I'm five weeks pregnant and I've been having Brown Discharge for 3 days with slight cramping...I had a missed miscarriage my first pregnancy so I'm very worried...Help! I made an appt to see my doctor ...anyone had or have experienced the same ...what's the turn out? 

Re: Brown Discharge 5 weeks

  • I had spotting all first tri with DS1 and this time around i had it happen twice. Mine was due to low progesterone both times and an SCH this time around. Brown is good as it’s old blood. If you don’t get to see a doc soon you can maybe ask to get your betas checked to give you some peace of mind before your appointment. It can be nothing but i can relate with an early mc and the scare of spotting. Best of luck!
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  • @wildtot thank you for your reply...ill be seeing my doc very soon 
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