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Abnormal nt blood work, what does it mean??

I got word from my Dr's office today that my bloodwork that was done with the nt scan came back "abnormal". The nurse said the nt scan and 12 week bloodwork were fine, but the 16 week bloodwork was abnormal. She also said that it came back negative for down syndrome and other chromosomal abnormalities.

However, this was literally all of the information she gave me, so I'm kind of confused about what it means. I thought abnormal bloodwork with this type of test indicated a possible chromosomal abnormality so if it's not that, what could it be? Does anyone know what else they test for with the bloodwork that goes with the nt screening? This is my first pregnancy. With the 3 day weekend it'll be several days before I can call and get a more detailed explanation so I'm going crazy worrying! 

Re: Abnormal nt blood work, what does it mean??

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    To know the specific test and what came back positive you would need to talk to your provider. However they cannot check for open neural tube defects in the first trimester and that is usually what they are testing for between 15-20 weeks. This is not a trisomy so they could be why they told you there was no chromosomal abnormalities.

     I am sorry that they didn’t give you a better explanation, however remember that this is a screening tool, not a diagnostic tool. Which means that there is always the possibility that this is a false positive. I hope you get some answers soon, good luck. 
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  • The 16w blood work is for spina bifida, not trisomy disorders.  Definitely call and ask for clarification but most likely the doctor will want to do some extra monitoring or an extended anatomy scan to look for potential issues.  This is a screener, not a diagnostic test, there is no such thing as positive or negative result without further testing being done.
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