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Beau, Oliver, or Noble?

MN will be Daniel but can't decide for sure on first name!

Beau- I like 1-2 syllable first names. It's simple but cute and we live in the south so people won't have trouble spelling/pronouncing. But I don't like that it sounds like "Bo" when you don't see it written on paper (in other words, I think it looks cuter than it sounds, ha)

Oliver- I don't like 3 syllable first names since the other 6 of us in the family have 1-2 syllables. Not keen on naming one thing and then using a nickname, such as Ollie, either (for example, our son Eli is just Eli, not Elijah.) I like this name bc our daughter Liv passed away and I like that it's carried in this name.

Noble- I love this name when I think of a brave, pure-hearted little boy, but I worry others will perceive it as me naming him something like "king" or "royal." But I like that it's simple to say/spell/pronounce. 

What's your vote??

Re: Beau, Oliver, or Noble?

  • I like Beau and Oliver, Beau being my top choice since it seems to fit with your other names  but I love the specialness of Oliver to you. 
  • Beau or Oliver for sure. I def rank Noble up there with Reign, king, Prince and would immediately have a negative association 

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  • My vote is Oliver. I really dislike Noble. Beau is okay but Oliver is so much better.

  •  Oliver is my favorite, but these all have really different feels.
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    I’ve always liked the name Beau. Oliver is nice, but just so insanely popular. That would be a dealbreaker for me.

    I want to like Noble, but it definitely gives me a “Royal” association, so I would pass on that one. 
  • Hard pass on Noble.  It just screams pretentious to me.

    I do like Beau and Oliver, with Oliver being my first choice.

  • Beau or Oliver. I like the special meaning with Oliver and your daughter. 

    Noble is a definite pass though. 
  • Oliver

    i dislike the other two options 
  • I love Oliver and that is a special meaning.  Beau is nice and maybe it could be Beau Oliver.  I agree with the others on the pretentious vibe of Noble. 
  • Definitely Oliver. Beau seems a little pretentious to me too. Though not as pretentious as Noble. 
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  • Beau or Oliver - Oliver is very trendy by me right now so I would go with beau, but either are fine. Definitely not a fan of Noble at all
  • Thanks y'all! I'm glad I asked; I didn't realize Noble would have those associations for so many people! Wish it didn't bc otherwise I love it but it is what it is. 
    I love Beau Oliver together but didn't want initials B.O. Lol. So we'll see; but again, thanks for the feedback!
  • I don't think of Noble as carrying negative connotations, but Noble Daniel sounds a little redundant. Oliver is a great choice! 
  • I vote Oliver. I don’t like beau. 
    My maiden name is Noble and people would ask me all the time if I was descended from royal family or from the UK. Even as a last name it is perceived as pretentious. If you really love it, I would middle name it. 
  • Oliver Daniel! 
  • Beau is my favorite. As a southern girl myself, I think it's timeless. 
  • I actually love Noble as well so you're not alone! My DH wouldn't go for it even as a middle name sadly. Could make it Daniel Noble? If not think I prefer Beau. Good luck! 
  • Oliver.  It's a good, solid name, sounds fantastic as Oliver Daniel, and I love the connection it holds for you with your daughter.  

    Beau is fine, but I agree that it looks cuter on paper than it sounds. 

    Noble isn't a first name to me.  I wouldn't make the royal association, though.  I hear it and think surname.
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