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Sister for Gianna

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Hi! Looking for opinions. We are expecting our second baby and debating girl names. For the longest time the only name my husband loved was Genevieve. I would suggest other names and he would just shake his head and say "It's not as good as Genevieve." I think it's beautiful, my only issue is another G name might be a bit much. My husband and I both have S names and I specifically avoided an S name for our first baby even though people said it would be "SO CUTE" if we all had S names. So matching initials are not really my thing (but not a deal breaker either).

Anyway, last week I happened to mention the name Julie/Julia, and to my shock my husband actually really likes it! Juliet is also on the table. What are your thoughts? Middle name is set, it will be Elaine after my grandmother who passed away this year.


Sister for Gianna 49 votes

Genevieve Elaine
20% 10 votes
Julie Elaine
10% 5 votes
Julia Elaine
32% 16 votes
Juliet Elaine
36% 18 votes
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Re: Sister for Gianna

  • I voted Julia, it is by far my favorite, though the others are nice too. I just love that it is an ancient Roman name.
  • Julia is more similar than Genevieve imo 
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  • Yes I feel like since you’re using the “j” sound regardless it doesn’t matter which letter...g or j....I vote Genevieve or Juliet :smile: good luck I know it’s hard and people on here are sometimes real opinionated!!! Hahah
  • I like Juliet best since it has a different ending than Gianna. Julia and Gianna are too close IMO.

  • Celeste seems like it is on the same level as Genevieve

  • Genevieve is my favorite, but I don’t like it with gianna. And I agree Julia and Gianna are very close too. I think Juliet is the most different - and I like all 3 names
  • I like Juliet best since it has a different ending than Gianna. Julia and Gianna are too close IMO.
    ^WSS. Plus i love the name Juliet, it’s a front runner for me if i have another girl!
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  • Genevieve is so French and Gianna is so Italian. To me, it sounds strange as siblings. Like the next one might be Gretchen...sort of like Epcot. How about another beautiful Italian name:


  • J and soft G have similar sounds if you’re trying to avoid sounding alike. 

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  • My kids both happen to have names that start with T.  We didn't particularly plan it that way -- it just happened that both names we liked were T names.  Occasionally we get asked, "Oh, did you do that on purpose?"  We just explain that we didn't and move on. Honestly, it has not been a big deal for our kids or family.  If you love Genevieve, I wouldn't avoid using it just because you already have a daughter whose name also starts with G.
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