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Fitness Friday - Post Partum Edition

Morning Ladies-

Resurrecting this thread.  How has everyone been doing, physically I mean? Are you healing alright? Have you been a Ken to get out of the house at all? I imagine this thread will be less fitness-exercise and more fitness-PT/recovery for a while. 

I had a 2nd degree tear as well as an episiotomy - thank you sunny-side up baby and the vacuum. 5.5 weeks out and I finally am starting to feel like the tears have healed. New aches and pains have cropped up, though.  I mentioned prenatal that I had slipped on the stairs at 35wk and wrenched my left shoulder. I really took it easy on that shoulder before my daughter was born and now was feeling much better. Well, thanks to holding my baby and carrying her around everywhere, the shoulder is much worse. Going to see an orthopedist for it. 

I started going with my husband on his morning walks with the dog. I’m still a bit sore by the end of the walk.  It feels so great to get out of the house! I also have started to introduce a little post-natal yoga in 20min sessions during her nap time. The yoga makes a huge difference in my back.

i will say, definitely nurse/pump shortly before any exercise where you need to wear a sports bra! I tried to feed wear one one time, because she woke up mid-yoga session, and ended up half naked in my living room. Not good. 

Re: Fitness Friday - Post Partum Edition

  • My c section incision has healed and I feel great. I have some right hip pain but that started before pregnancy and I have an appointment to get it checked out next week. I am looking forward to getting back into the gym once my doctor clears me. I've been out of the house to the store while my husband watched DD and it felt so good. I'm used to doing a lot of ripping and running so this past month on maternity leave has been so boring. I am so ready to go back to work tomorrow !
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  • Honestly, I felt zero pain from this delivery. Maybe because it’s my third, but even after the epidural wore off, I did not feel like I pushed a baby out of me. The only pain I had was my abdomen when I exerted myself. I’m so ready to start exercising again! 
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  • I’m just over 2 weeks PP, I have been getting out walking since probably about day 4. Now I make sure a daily walk of atleast a mile is part of our morning routine and I am going to start increasing that over the next week. I am still kind of sore downstairs but nothing that really bothers me. I’m actually sure antsy to start doing body weight squats and core work at home. I know I can’t start running until 6 weeks but wonder if I can start those activities earlier 
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  • I'm looking forward to getting some activity in soon. I'm almost 7 weeks pp from a csection and my check up is Friday. I'm going to have to find some good at home workouts I can do when baby naps. 
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