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Girl or boy

keep in mind the thighs legs n toes are pointing up 

Re: Girl or boy

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  • definitley a velociraptor that or a baby 
    frenchiekinplusoneschaze[Deleted User]
  • It's a boy! Or a girl. Either way, I'm 50% sure I'm right.
  • Not funny 
  • betmed08 said:
    Not funny 

    run along Pond...2015/12/10

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    Lilypie First Birthday tickers
    allthingscozy1schaze[Deleted User]stassischroeder
  • betmed08 said:
    Not funny 
    What?! I thought we were having fun!
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    [Deleted User]
  • NOT when someone says my unborn child looks like a dinosaur
  • Actually no but watever im not arguing or will try to make a point with trolls 

  • It really is time to lighten up @betmed08 I think we can all agree no baby at this point screams baby. my baby looks like a blob currently. also why do you ask repeat questions instead id even joining a bmb? 
    eggplantfacekiki75CecilB93[Deleted User]
  • You didn’t think we could tell which way it’s body parts are pointing, but you expect us to be able to tell you the sex from a profile pic? Sorry, but that merits dinosaur and unicorn ultrasounds...
    ME: 33  DH: 33 DD1: June '16 DD2: March ‘19 :::: Married since 2011 :::: USN Wife ::::
    kiki75[Deleted User]
  • betmed08 said:
    NOT when someone says my unborn child looks like a dinosaur
    For a while there mine looked like a Gummi Bear. I thought it was hilarious.

    @comealongponds You're my hero.
    My baby totally did too at the eight-week!
  • IM asking the same question everyone else who has curiosity it’s only a guess I wasn’t asking for f up criticism of what the bsby looks like I didn’t know posting a f post on getting some opinions would make people act so f ridic
    if you don’t like or agree with a post don’t f comment on it that’s all move on to something that tickles you best
  • HAHA I really don’t care how my grammar is played out on this app, that clearly has no affect on my personal life 
    fortunately for me I’m not a troll, im a bachelors degree graduate and work in finance 
    what do you do? 
    Girl bye
  • I really don’t care if you had no guesses I just didn’t think the response that my unborn child looked like a dinosaur was appropriate it is rude 
    this is not the first post I see people posting about gender nubs and of course you see the same trolls replying nasty to other people as well 
    I guess some unhappy gals get a kick of being major a***  holes 
    I can have my opinion but seems like my opinion is not worth it but everyone else’s disgusting opinion is ok 

    double standards much ? 

  • @comealongponds I get it now, she didn’t actually want anyone to respond, she just wanted an AW post.

    @betmed08 I thought you said you were leaving...
    ME: 33  DH: 33 DD1: June '16 DD2: March ‘19 :::: Married since 2011 :::: USN Wife ::::
  • 1. You say you've seen others post about nub theory, so clearly you've seen that these posts don't go over well yet still post?

    2. No offense to you, but no one here knows you, so no one particularly cares to guess what body part(s) your child does or does not have.

    3. If an US tech can't tell you what baby is, neither can we. All I recognize on baby is the head, and quite frankly it does look like a gummy bear to me. It's just a fact, babies don't look fully "human" for quite a few weeks.

    4. There's no need to come in here and cuss at us because no one wants to guess how a strangers baby is going to pee when it's born. 
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    DS2 due 12/12/18

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