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  • not a GD mom, but my docs say no solids for 8 hours prior. so @kersey0208 if you were worried about it, you can eat a meal god-awful-early in the morning that day. not sure that's how you want to spend your last morning  :D
    definitely worth asking how they want you to approach it @Marley629 in case they want to schedule you earlier in the day!
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  • How is everyone doing? Did Thanksgiving go okay for you? I think I did pretty well yesterday.  Since I am the one who cooked Thanksgiving dinner, I made sure I had plenty of options for myself.  Plus, being so pregnant makes it hard to eat too much. My sugars today have been quite low, I guess I have no appetite after yesterday.  As for meds, I am still on insulin each morning after breakfast and Metformin twice a day.  I am feeling pretty good about everything with only three weeks left to go. I have a growth scan on November 30th and we will discuss possible induction after that.  I really hope he isn't a moose baby.  I am really anxious to see how it is going.
  • I'm doing ok. They increased my insulin in the morning after breakfast a little bit and since then my numbers have been good except I have to watch for them actually going too low.  I have a Bpp and a OB check on Monday and then my last growth scan is also scheduled for 11/30 @jlemons-2. I hope yours goes well!  

    I did ok yesterday. My sugar dropped to 54 after insulin and breakfast yesterday so I drank OJ to bring it up Bc I was dizzy so I did have a high after lunch number so I think the OJ contributed to it. I'm not sure. Im just glad that as of tomorrow, the countdown is down to 12 days to RCS!   
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  • @Marley629 that's what happened to me with Glyburide. I would dip into the 40/50 range after breakfast then after lunch would be high. 
  • I did horrible at Thanksgiving. My blood sugar was sky high. I tried to watch what I ate. 

    So random rant... 
    Supposed to be induced during my 39 weeks and I turned 39 weeks yesterday. There are a couple hospitals in my area and only two of them deliver that my OB delivers at. Only one of them I thought was in-network, so I've been going there for my high risk OB etc... anyways that one is huge and everyone goes to it. I get a call from my OB today saying that they might be able to get me in before I turn 40 weeks but it's uncertain. My baby is really big and I'm getting really upset so I called my insurance company. Come to find out the other hospital is in-network also so I called my OB and I'm hoping that hospital can get me in. So now I'm to the point if that other Hospital doesn't care that I'm GD then why am I keeping track of my sugars and sending them in? I'm frustrated and spent a lot of money going to high risk doctors appointments for nothing in the end. I go next Wednesday for another sono if I haven't had him yet ar my regular OB. I'm pretty sure he's going to be about 10 or 11 pounds. I'm used to only having a 6 lb baby at 40 weeks and an 8 pound baby at 42 weeks. 
  • @weaver15 I am so sorry to hear you're getting the run around from your delivery hospitals. I really hope they can sort out your care quickly, so that you and baby can be delivered with minimal risk and frustration.  FWIW, I don't think that you've wasted time or money on managing your GD, regardless of how your "other" hospital is handling things.  Good work, mama!

    I've been thinking of you all (in my more lucid moments) since delivery, and hoping that everyone gets through delivery and returns to normal numbers on the other side.  I've been okay post meals, and most of our meals are very carby due to convenience, and my fastings (when I have a fasting period, since I tend to snack at mid-night feeings) have also been okay. I had a high fasting this morning, but belatedly realized I'd just taken my vitamins with half a glass of juice. (Duh.)  Mommy brain is real.

    My MIL is coming down for the weekend, which I am very grateful for. She's offered to help us with meals, so we can get back to a healthier meal plan than pasta-for-all-dinners.  She's also had abdominal surgery in the past 3 years, so she's aware of my limitations/restrictions from c/s recovery.  We're gradually starting to walk again after breakfasts... but it's slow and easy for now.

    I'm keeping my FX for everyone. <3 Hang in there!
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  • @kyrwyn thanks! I was really frustrated and DH isn't helpful when I'm upset. I sent a text to my sister who had GD with her kids and she seemed more understanding of my frustration. 

    I'm a little upset the DH is going into work today. He usually works 4/10s and has Fridays-Sunday off. I'm hoping I hear better news from the OB today. 

    We are all almost there and hopefully the diabetes goes away for all of us. 
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