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Ten Things - Thankful Edition

In honor of US Thanksgiving today, what are 10 things you are thankful/grateful/glad/happy for? 

Me: 30 H: 30
Married: June 2013
TTC#1: January 2015
BFP #1 8/24/15 | MC 9/3/15 at 6w2d
BFP #2: 12/12/15 | DD born 8/29/16
TTC#2: June 2017
BFP #3: 7/15/17 | DS born 3/20/18

Re: Ten Things - Thankful Edition

  • In no particular order...

    1. I'm thankful both DH and I have good, stable jobs. 
    2. I'm thankful to have wonderful and caring family, who are always willing to help out.
    3. I'm thankful for DD (not for the teething though) and this new baby.  <3
    4. I'm sooo happy for the amazing food I'm going to stuff my face with today. 
    5. I'm thankful to have a job I love (most days) and amazing coworkers.
    6. I'm thankful for my friends - even though we all live far apart we stay connected. 
    7. I'm thankful my dog is so cuddly.
    8. I'm thankful for the strong, courageous people in this world who stand up for what is right, even if that path isn't always easy. 
    9. I'm thankful for my sister, who is my best friend. We're always able to share what is on our minds with each other and she is amazing with DD.
    10. I'm thankful DH and I have a house we like in a community we love. 
    Me: 30 H: 30
    Dx: PCOS
    Married: June 2013
    TTC#1: January 2015
    BFP #1 8/24/15 | MC 9/3/15 at 6w2d
    BFP #2: 12/12/15 | DD born 8/29/16
    TTC#2: June 2017
    BFP #3: 7/15/17 | DS born 3/20/18
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  • 1- I am thankful for these wonderful kids that call me mom
    2- my family 
    3- to have a nice comfortable home and food to eat
    4- I am thankful for my dog who keeps me company all night 
    5- my friends who get me and accept me for who I am
    6- I am thankful that DH and I are successful and have created a beautiful life for our family 
    7- for those who stand up for our freedoms 
    8- for my health and my family’s health 
    9- for this third child I didn’t know I needed but am so happy he is coming 
    10- to live in a beautiful place that is close enough to the city but without over crowding and with fresh air
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  • Thankful for my beautiful DH, who was put up with me and my shenanigans far longer than most.
    Thankful for my awesome parents and brother who have been such a blessing during this pregnancy.
    Thankful for LO, he brings me so much joy and I love him so much without even knowing him.
    Thankful for extended family that have been supportive of me and DH for almost a decade.
    Thankful for my career and my coworkers who have helped make sure LO stays in!
    Thankful I live in a democratic society that may not be perfect but still offers freedom.
    Thankful to all those that fight for that freedom and wear the uniform.
    Thankful for my pups who are trying to steal food off my counter right now  :s
    Thankful for the creature comforts I enjoy which I know are not promised to me.
    Thankful for you that read all this lol, you ladies rock!

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  • No special order:
    1. Thankful to be a Mama, it truly is the best thing I’ve ever been and will ever be— until I become Grandma, that will be pretty awesome, too! 
    2. Thankful for my babies *TW* here on Earth and in Heaven. 
    3. Thankful for my husband. I am so guilty of taking him for granted. He truly is incredible, always putting us before himself. 
    4. Thankful for our home even though I get cranky about having to update it— it’s the best layout and on a beautiful street. 
    5. Thankful for loving teachers for DS and DD. 
    6. Thankful for my grandma and all she does for us. She is like my Mom. 
    7. Thankful for my friends. My best friend and then my previous bump board friends. Those girls have seriously seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of my life for the last 4 years! I am also thankful for all of you and hope that we become as close as my last board! 
    8. Thankful for my doctors that are very patient with all of my questions and concerns. 
    9. Thankful for our church that has welcomed us much more than our last one ever did.
    10. Thankful for the amazing meal my husband is cooking/baking solo! Because I’m a terrible cook...

    Happy Thanksgiving!
  • 1. I am thankful for my husband for always being there when I need him the most and making sure my needs come before his most of the time.

    2. Thankful for our 2 furbabies that call us mommy and daddy. I do not know where I would be without them.

    3. Thankful for this LO. We are over the moon excited for this new adventure in parenting!

    4. Thankful for my health. Never taking something so precious for granted.

    5. Thankful for my family and friends health. My biggest support system is them and without them I would be nothing.

    6. Thankful for my sister who is my best friend in the entire world. I honestly do not know where I would be without her in my life. Most people say our relationship with each other is very rare, but I find it to be pretty awesome that we are so close.

    7. I am thankful for my amazing friends and co workers. They have been so supportive and excited for me during this new challenge in my life.

    8. I am thankful that my husband and I both have steady jobs that pay our bills and put food on our table.

    9. Although it is not quite where we would like to be, I am thankful for our apartment. House hunting in our area has been nothing short of a fail and I have learned to be content where I am as long as there is a roof over my head.

    10. Thankful that I have things to be thankful for. 
  • No particular order...
    1- I am thankful my family; I have a wonderful family who is super supportive 90% of the time. 
    2-MH... he puts up with a lot this pregnancy especially. I don’t remember being this moody with DS. And he has been a trooper throughout the whole “must rearrange the whole house” phase. 
    3-I’m thankful for a shower. Showers mean so much more after I’ve had a kid. 
    4-I’m thankful for the little boy who drives me absolutely crazy one minute by dumping out the 25 things I.just.picked.up, and then gives me the sweetest hugs and kisses the next. 
    5-I’m thankful for this baby who is so very loved and wanted already.
    6-I am thankful for the journey—sometimes I don’t understand all the whys in this life, but the adventure and love is always worth the journey.
    7-I am thankful for all of our furries. The fluffy puppies are always snuggling me and keeping me company and sometimes they give me sanity when DS is driving me crazy. And the kitty just cracks me up. 
    8-I am thankful for having another Holiday spent with our whole little family together. I’m sure we will spend some apart, and that makes the ones together all the more special. 
    9-I am thankful for pie. Yum. 
    10-I am thankful for the support I have found in this group. I’m hoping to have a wonderful group of ladies with beautiful babies just like with my firstborn BMB. 

    Happy Thanksgiving!
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