3rd Trimester

Belly pain

Hi, I’m 40 + 0 and the past several days I’ve been having this stomach pain. At first I thought it had to do with diastasis recti, because it was right above my belly button and first started in an acute instance, when I crawled into bed on my hands and knees without engaging my stomach muscles. But now the pain has changed. More of my stomach, mostly my left side, feels painful, especially where I can feel the baby protruding. It’s tender to the touch and it makes little movements, especially getting out of bed, difficult and painful.

Any idea what this is or how I can reduce the pain? Could it simply be the baby pressing against my stomach muscles? And if so, is this indicative of the baby beingin a non ideal position? The baby was occiput anterior at 38 weeks and I’ve been doing the baby spinning exercises such as side lying release, walchers stretch, forward leaning inversion, etc to prepare for labor.

I’ve managed to stay active and pain free through most of my pregnancy with no health complications so hopefully it’s nothing serious. TIA for your help.

Re: Belly pain

  • nken20nken20 member
    Since you're full-term and experiencing pain, it's best to get a professional opinion to rule out any concerns. You need to get checked by your doctor to determine the cause of the pain. I hope this pain will be temporary. 
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