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  • RatParade said:
    @lizetteincalifornia We also just were able to see the heartbeat.  I asked my dr if we could hear it and she said she didn't recommend it.  I didn't ask why at the time, but I know someone else on this board mentioned that exact same reason - the heat isn't good for the baby if it's not far enough along.
    Yes exactly this!! I asked about the heartbeat too and she said the same thing.
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  • @MooFish2364 we are in the exact same boat. I had only bad scans followed by exactly 2 years of infertility. My u/s isn’t until after Thanksgiving and I can’t wait!
  • Just had my US last week. It was our second. We are measuring 10 weeks. But LMP puts us at 11. They couldn't find a HB on the Doppler that why we got a 2nd US so soon. Found our little bundles heartbeat strong at 178. 

    Any other moms purchase fetal Doppler? I'm wondering if I should buy one.
  • @fitzandgiggles I’m sorry your midwife did that. I’d feel the same way. 
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  • @fitzandgiggles wow, that's a terrible mistake to make.. I'm sorry.
  • @fitzandgiggles so sorry that happened. It's a shame she had to cause you this unnecessary pain. I'd feel the same. Glad little Poppy is doing well 
  • Ours was a little acrobat as well during the ultrasound
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  • @knottiebe22210f42be2437 hi and welcome, I see this is your first post in the June BMB, feel free to introduce yourself in the introductions thread pinned at the top. There is also a thread pinned with instructions and tips on how to change your user name from KnottieXXX so we can get to know you better and tag you easier. Lastly, just wanted to suggest that you remove you information from your ultrasound picture. While we are a lovely community of expecting mama's this is still the internet with stranger danger. 
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  • @stephcat421 - Oh my gosh, I may have cried watching your LO move around. :bawling:
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  • @izza2 it made everything so much more real! And I thought sharing with you all would be a little reminder of what's happening with your LO too!
  • @glitterfingers July 3rd is a pretty great day to be born, ifidosaysomyself (it's my birthday lol)
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  • glitterfingers I feel you! That's happened to me three times.  I've gotten one early ultrasound so far and everything looked good but I'm losing my mind waiting for the next one.  
  • @elsie42 sounds like a good day to me!

    @WeLiveInMaine sorry you had to go through that multiple times. I was completely blindsided the first time even though it’s not uncommon no one really prepares us for a bad U/S. I’m just trying to be positive and relaxed and take it one day at a time but still feel like I’ve got up lots of walls. :)
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