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2 year old autism schedule

I'm a new autism mom. Well, newly diagnosed. I'm just wondering what to do with my son all day. We always take a walk and have play time in water in the tub (he has to sit in baking soda baths twice a day for rashes and eczema) but I'm at a loss. On the days we don't have therapy I just can't figure out what to do with him all day. We go to the park some but he doesn't enjoy it much. He won't climb on anything or play. He just kinda wonders around the park in circles. I'm just trying to get an idea of stuff I can do with him. He is nonverbal mostly and I look for things that require interaction with me or someone. 

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    Hi there! My son is 2 and was diagnosed at 18 months. He hasn’t therapy very often but when he doesn’t we go to the library or I have found different things on Pinterest for sensory and he has shown a bunch of interest. It’s kindof a hit or miss with him. He is also non verbal and also barely eats anything. I’ve realized you have to try a million different things in order to find exactly what he’s likes. My son was the same way with the park but with all of his therapy he enjoys it a lot more. Does your child have any interests
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  • My son has ASD and we bond while watching movies and playing with his lego figures. But he is older, 7.
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  • I know this was posted a while back, but just in case you come back I wanted to reply.

    Back when DS was 2, outside of therapy, we'd go to a library program for toddlers. I think a lot of libraries have programs/story time for kids. Ours even started trying to incorporate stuff for DS like signing. It took him time to get use to it and there were bad days, but it was a social therapy for him.
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