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What rules do you break?

For those of us still here, what parenting "rules" do you break? Whether the rules come from experts, doctors, or family members, let's hear it. 

I was set on never bedsharing and just using a bedside sleeper. My baby, since the hospital, would not sleep if not right next to someone or if not being held. It scared me to sleep with him, but I was in survival mode. If we sleep side by side, he sleeps all night, minus some sleepy nursing. Now, he's sleeping more soundly, and I can actually put him down to sleep, but when he was fresh out, it just didn't work.  

It's not a rule, but my mom thinks it's weird that I refuse to give cereal. She's supportive of baby-led weaning aside from that though. 

I've been told I spoil my baby by some people who believe in older parenting methods, because I hold him and don't let him cry it out ever. 

Re: What rules do you break?

  • I also bed share sometimes. My lo wakes up to eat at least every 2 hours and most times wont go back to sleep after 4am without being by me.

    That's the only rule I break that I can think of.

     My family seems to make fun of me for various things like breastfeeding until my ds1 was 1, feeding him organic, keeping the car seat reverse until 2..etc..etc..  I think our parents just roll their eyes because we have such different methods now than when we were raised. 

  • @MollyandD we bed share too for the same reasons you are. I was very hesitant to start, but DH, DS, and I have all been getting a lot more sleep when we bed share.
  • @luckywife10 Sometimes you just have to do what works for your family. 

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