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  • @Dashaina How far along were you supposed to be? I personally wouldn't worry about growing ahead!
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  • @Dashaina Sounds like your EDD is pretty on point. If you think the baby was conceived on Sept 6th then you would be around 9-10 weeks pregnant. 
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  • @silvergreen well when I went in I was calculated as 8w 5d (based on my lmp and when I usually ovulate (cd15 +/- a day)).
    @asun123 yeah. It just threw me off... Since if I ovulated on the 6th or somehow miraculously caught it in the fallopian tube on it's decent I guess it could be right. Just wasn't what I was expecting. But nobody seemed bothered by my u/s (radiologist or Dr) so I'm just rolling with it. Probably should just try not to over think it I suppose. Baby will come when ready right? Lol :blush: 
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  • @kbrown2385 I’m in the exact same boat as you, as of today.  I found out today I’m measuring 6 weeks but should as of my LMP I should be 8 weeks 1 day.  How’s your pregnancy going? Are you going back for another scan to check growth?  
  • @mrsrachkelley I had my ultrasound this past Monday with a follow up on 7/9. I’ll be 7 weeks 4 days then. My ob says it all falls in line with my beta test results and my first u/s on the 16th. We only saw the yolk sac at that point. My first beta was 153 at what I thought was 4 weeks 4 days. If I go by the ultrasounds I was very very early, like days into the pregnancy during those blood tests. It also falls into line with how my symptoms have been progressing. I’m just now getting some nausea when I am hungry.  She said things have progressed like they should have, and she is not concerned at all, so for now I am going with it. Today I am pregnant. Are you having any follow up scans? 
  • @kbrown2385 I have to wait till my scan report gets back to my doc.  Hopefully I’ll hear from her in the next day or two and talk her into another scan in a week or two.  I’m happy to hear your baby is progressing normal now .  I did see a faint heartbeat in my scan today so I need to just reassure myself “I am pregnant”.  
  • @mrsrachkelley seeing a heartbeat is great! We saw one too and it kind of helped settle me a bit. Today I am pregnant has been my mantra the past few days. I hope you’re able to get another scan.  Fingers crossed for sticky babies. 
  • @basemodel if you opt for the testing they do an US around 11-13 weeks to look for markers for Downs etc.

  • @LaceyBee522 I just looked back at your original earlier today and wondered if you had an update! So exciting, congratulations!
  • @notaknottie912 @KCR2533 @LaceyBee522 Comgratulations!! Excited to see some other twins on here! I’m expecting twins too. 
  • @ggaud our little ones look about the same. Glad that everything is going well after your bleeding episode. 

    Congrats to everyone, looking forward to many more US pics!
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