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  • Weird aversions to meat...I want nothing to do with it, but give me all the salads! 
  • I am a bottomless pit. I have been having breakfast, second breakfast, elevensies, lunch, second lunch, dinner and second dinner, the past few days. And that doesn't include snack!!!  Make it stop!!
    Same here!!! I'm getting so fat  :/ Have had to buy bigger underwear and bras, and it looks like tights are going to be my friends this pregnancy. 
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  • My biggest complaint now is feeling off balance down there... no true pain or burning, but sex doesn't feel good. Going to my midwife on Tuesday, but I think I'll be feeling icky until then  :/

    @sharkmama39 that was me last week! I have wanted nothing but crap too... give me all the fries and ice cream! I forced myself a healthy meal last night and actually felt worse. What??  :s
  • Is anyone's exhaustion letting up? I'm 9 weeks Tuesday and I've felt like a trucks hit me the past two days...and...I'm at an NFL game with my hubby today...that is 3 1/2 hours away...I just want to curl up in bed I'm so tired. 
  • How do people know what the uterus feels like? I have been poking around but it all just feels like blobby body to me :P
    Also - this is TMI - but for me, once the uterus is above the pelvic bone, when I have an orgasm my uterus gets rock hard and it's super easy to feel then.
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  • @tincupchalice now I remember that from last time! Though I don't think it happened until much later in pregnancy. Sort of like a Braxton hicks contraction. Not super fun, but not really painful. More difficult to get up right.
  • @justsuzie I try to tell myself that to make myself feel better lol... I don't know if it's working 
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  • @mmb4532 noooo. I'm almost nine weeks and still so tired. Don't remember being this tired this long last time!
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    Oh! I forgot about lightning crotch! I have awful bloating but no vomiting. I think I’d rather trade. 
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  • I am definitely not in the hungry group. 
    Im 11w1d and for the last 5 days or so I have been the most nauseous. I totally thought this was disappearing but it seems back in full force. I don't get why. Anyone else experiencing this later in the 1st trimester?
  • 10w, 1d and the nausea is ramping up for me too—despite the miracle of Diglegis. I can’t imagine the toilet bowls I’d be familiar with without it. That and I just cried 7 separate times watching Dirty Dancing... so, yea, pregnant. 
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