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  • @rose913 Hello from a fellow s14er. Sorry you didn't like your experience with our board but I love those ladies still. 
    DD:3 | DS:1
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  • @rose913 Hello from a fellow Chicagolander! (Oak Park, to be exact)
    Me: 34 
    Husband: 35
    Married: June 2007
    Son Max born 1/10/17
    BFP #2: 10/5/17; EDD: 6/11/18
  • Its so funny to me to see everyone talking about how dark the line was/ is. I didn't even pay attention, I'm going to look tonight. I just saw a plus and was like OMG! It was only my second time testing in life. I tested back in Jan. when my period was late when I was training for my pole instructor certification (probably bc of nerves and extreme physical stress from training 8 hours a day), even though we weren't actually trying but I was doing some risky stuff and didn't want to continue if I was pregnant. It was a 2 pack and the second one was the one that gave me my BFP.
    Me:27 DH: 31 Married Since: 08/2016
    TTC: 08/2017 EDD: 6/11/2018 FTM
  • @MoonOverGoldsboro - yay for all of the books!  I am a branch librarian at an urban library! 
    Formerly knittylady
    DH:34 - Me: 33
    Emmaline Winifred - 1.25.2013
    Wesley Daniel - 7.24.2014
    #3 EDD - 6.24.2018

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  • @ambere13 we have the same due date!
  • BFP today and missed AF today. I'm from CO and have 2 girls age 3 and 19m. I would love to make some mom friends and share this journey. 
    Welcome! I have 2 girls the same ages! Have you been on the bump before? We may have been in the same BMBs!

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  • @oneblessedmess - We're twins: My O date and LMP line up perfectly for an EDD of June 22nd as well! First cycle in a while I've had a textbook O date. :smile:
    Me: 25 | DH: 29 | DSS: 9
    TTC #1: Aug - Nov '15 (TTA N'15-J'17 for Nursing School)
    TTC #1 take two: July 2017 (NTNP); August 2017 (actively TTGP)
    BFP 10/9 @ 10 DPO; EDD June 23, 2018

  • Hi all!
    After peeing on way too many sticks this morning, I got my BFP. My estimated due date is June 23. I'm cautiously excited right now and will be a first time mom. 

    Husband and I are both in our late thirties and live in Manhattan. I love crafting, cooking, (formerly) drinking wine, and cross-training/weight lifting. I'm looking forward to getting to know all of you.
    I am excited to see another older mom (I'm 37) who enjoys weight-lifting/keeping in shape, crafting, cooking and wine! I have all those hobbies too (well no wine now either.  I have totally fallen off the wagon of exercising regularly.  But I really want to again and have started with just body weight stuff. I'm not out of shape by average standards, but by my own standards I am. :frowning:  and I really want to have a great chance of doing a natural birth this I know exercising is the key to that. My dream is to have an amazing home gym with a weight rack and a tread mill...and a few other things. I look forward to hearing from you in our Fit Mommas Friday threads about what you are doing to stay in shape during your pg! Congratulations!! :)
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  • izza2 said:
    @oneblessedmess - We're twins: My O date and LMP line up perfectly for an EDD of June 22nd as well! First cycle in a while I've had a textbook O date. :smile:
    Hey twin! I literally don't think that's ever happened for me before lol. It's a good thing I was using OPKs because I wasn't expecting to ovulate as early as I did! Glad we made it here!
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  • @oneblessedmess hey from July 2015! 
  • kbrown2385 said:i
    @oneblessedmess hey from July 2015! 
    Hey there! Pretty cool that we're sharing another birth month!
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  • @mountaingirl1002 I was a lurker with DD on the May 2016 board too :smile: glad to know I wasn't the only one
  • @tudalu2516 due date twins! ❤
  • Cautiously saying hello!

    I'm 29, my husband is 33. I was active on TTGP from September 2015- September 2016 when I got my BFP. I had my son June 6, 2017. 

    After spending 2 years actively TTC and doing several Clomid cycles to have my son I was shocked to get a BFP while on birth control (progesterone only pill) this time around at only 4 months PP.

    My EDD is June 12. I have my first ultrasound Oct. 31st and I'm hoping and praying that I see a heartbeat and everything is OK. 

    ETA: @Ash9614 hey girl! You may not remember me (which is fine) but we were on TTGP together for awhile back when. It's nice to see familiar names.
    Yes! I totally remember you! Congrats on baby #2. Sounds like we are both here a bit faster than expected! 
    Me: 31; DH: 31
    NTNP: May 2015
    TTC #1: late August 2015
    PCOS Dx: January 2016, starting Femara Feb 2016
    BFP: 2/29/16 - Happy Leap Day!

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  • @NamelessAria Like @icecubeinthedesert, I also remember you from when I was mostly lurking TTGP while trying to conceive our first. Congratulations! What an amazing surprise!!
    Me: 34 
    Husband: 35
    Married: June 2007
    Son Max born 1/10/17
    BFP #2: 10/5/17; EDD: 6/11/18
  • @momac1919 that makes me feel better! My husband made fun of me for spending so much time on the bump, but never posting
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