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Any African Moms or Married to an African

New on this app.and I saw international mom.I say let me give it  a try.not currently in Africa. Am Nigerian married to same country a Stm.Where are other mum from and are you a  FTM.or STM or more.where do you stay currently.and how is pregnancy treating you home and abroad and how many weeks are you. Or are you married to an African tell us about you.i just hope I get back replies. Let go ladies <3;):)<3:*B)

Re: Any African Moms or Married to an African

  • Hi! Nigerian mom, married to a Nigerian :# FTM, 31 weeks and beautiful  ;) nice to meet you.
  • Hi I am from South Africa. 34 weeks pregnant... I am currently in Italy with my partner. And let me tell you it's not easy at all.  Seems that I will be having a c section but disappointing but alls well that ends well. My little one is due 31 December. Pregnancy has been hard and feeling very blue lately.  Glad I'm not the only not American on here.  

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  • I am American but married to a Tanzanian and we live in Tanzania. Not pregnant (or trying). Our daughter is 14 months and we are fostering a 4 year old boy.
    *American lady living in Tanzania.
    DH - Tanzanian Maasai 
    BFP #1 - MC Dec 2, 2015 (@ 9weeks)
    BFP #2 - Feb 2, 2016 --EDD 10/10/16 --Abigail- October 6, 2016. Heart warrior.
    October 2017- Began fostering to adopt T, (DOB:November 19, 2013)
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