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Anastasia's birth story

I was induced at 39 weeks by my doctor breaking my water at 810am Thursday August 31st. I had very mild contractions until 11am. Then they hit hard and fast. My nurse checked me at 11:15am 3 cent (that's what I was when I came in). I was having horrible back pain. She gave me fentanyl and it didn't touch the pressure in my back. I asked for an epidural even though I didn't want one. My husband woke up from his nap at 11:45 am and I told him I was getting one. He asked if I was sure. My nurse checked me again and I was 8 cent so I said never mind we don't have time! My doctor was there in five minutes and had me get on my hands and knees at almost 10 after noon. She thought baby was posterior because of my back pain. I had instant relief and Anastasia Elizabeth joined us at 12 13 pm weighing 8lb 6 oz and 21 in long. After an HR and 13 minutes of active labor I had my beautiful little girl in my arms! It was short but seriously intimidating! My doctor is amazing and I love her! I recommend hands and knees all day long! This was my quickest and least eventful labor. No stitches or tearing at all. No retained placenta which was amazing as well. Oh and check out all that hair!!!

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  • Thank you for sharing your story. Congratulations. She is beautiful! 
  • So glad she made an easier entrance! She's beautiful <3
  • Congratulations! She is beautiful and so alert in that photo. I'm glad your dr helped you find a way to get relief and was there to support you.
  • Congrats she is beautiful 
  • Congratulations! She's adorable. 
  • Awesome! I didn't know they even let you do hands and knees at regular hospitals. I guess you could since you weren't hooked to up to an epidural? I love her hair!!!
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  • @hatrats I'm sure it depends on what the doctor is comfortable with also but yes I was not hooked up to anything so I could move around. 
    I realized that I would have went NUTS if I did end up getting one though!  They had those things on my chest and the finger pulse thing hooked up and I kind freaked out and said get this shit off me! Lol 
    But seriously though, hands and knees was by far the best. Was it a little strange having my ass in the air for anyone other than my husband, yes, but once I felt that relief nothing else mattered!!
  • @tfrangul, that's good to know that it is an option. Lying flat on my back was so uncomfortable when pushing DS, and I know my legs do not have the stamina for a squatting position.
  • @coastalmomma-2 seriously talk to your doctor about it. I never imagined me doing it but don't regret it one bit! 
    Oh and there is no way I could have squatted either! Lol
  • @tfrangul, trouble is there are seven OBs in my practice who may be on call when I go into labor. I've met maybe four of them so far. I'll talk to the Dr who I am meeting with tomorrow though. 
  • @coastalmomma-2  If you don't mind I would be curious to know what they say. 
  • What a story! She is so beautiful, good job mama! I'm glad you got to do hands and knees for relief!

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  • @Rhubarb7216 that is great to know! Thank you for sharing that. 
  • @hatrats I actually laughed out loud! That is too funny!
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