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Gianna or Giovanna?

Which name do you like better, Gianna or Giovanna? Last name is Italian, 4 letters, and starts with an E.  Big brother's name is Maximus.  I'm also open to suggestions!

Re: Gianna or Giovanna?

  • Both are pretty. Giovanna is a little more interesting to me so if I had to choose I'd choose that one. What would the nicknames be? Gia? Vanna? Gigi? 
  • I like both, but would pick Gianna. 
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  • Gianna 
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  • I like both!  But if I had to choose, I would select Gianna.
  • @BabyBoyH92016 The nickname would most likely be Gia either way.  I think I like Gianna slightly better, but we know a few Gianna's of various ages including my cousin's daughter (I've never even met her though).  I've never met a Giovanna which makes me like it more. 
  • @TigerCakes that's a tough call. I tend to like less common names, so that's why my preference was Giovanna. I know a Gianna and feel like it's definitely the more common of the two. Both are great names though, so you can't go wrong. 

  • I like Giovanna much better. 
  • I like Gianna better. Giovanna just sounds older to me whereas Gianna sounds like it could be an age. It might be because I know a Giovanna who is the mom to a Gianna though

  • Giovanna!  I wanted it but H didn't. We went with Giada instead

  • I like both but Gianna would be my pick.  I like names that wouldn't need a nickname and Giovanna would be a mouthful.  But if you like the nickname Gia, either one works great. 
  • @mb0112 I prefer longer names that will have a nickname.  My DS almost exclusively goes by Max even though is full name is Maximus.  It's funny because I always went by nickname growing up, but use my full name now.
  • I have a Gianna and love it...we sometimes call her gigi
    That being said when my daughter was born many years ago it was an uncommon name in this county.
    I would use Giovanna for that reason only

  • Giovanna! It sounds elegant to me. 
  • I like them both but I slightly prefer Gianna.
  • Giovanna. 
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  • Another vote for Giovanna!
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  • I have a Gianna so I'm obviously biased, but I do think it's prettier than Giovanna. If popularity is an issue for you though I do believe Giovanna is less common. I've only known one Giovanna my whole life and she's an adult. Including my DD, I know of three Giannas aged 5 and under off the top of my head.
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  • Giovanna!!
  • I'm partial to Giovanna, will you pronounce it as traditional italian pronunciation (jovanna) or more modern Gee-oh-vanna? I know little girls with both variations, I prefer the more traditional pronunciation but both are cute

    Would Gianna be Gee-ah-na or Jah-na? I really love Jah-na (Gee-ah-na) seems very overdone now 

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  • I know both a Gianna and a Giavanna.  They are both really pretty names.  If I had to choose, I would go with Gianna.
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  • @pettycrocker We would not be using the Italian pronunciations if we go with either of those names.  Now my DH is telling me he doesn't like Giovanna though and only maybe to Gianna.  Back to the drawing board I guess.  Thanks everyone for the input!
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