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TW May be saying goodbye

TW Bleeding in early pregnancy 

I got back to school this morning wiped to find blood. I went in for lab work but I have been passing bloody tissue all day. The nurse thought it could be a chemical pregnancy but this was before I was passing so many blood clots. Would I be passing blood clots/bloody tissue if that was the case? I would love to hear anyone with personal experience because I am having difficulty not Dr. Googling while I wait for the lab work to come back.

I know the pregnancy is probably over. I am worried about next steps and whether I am passing this naturally or if I should be calling my doctor back. 

If this is ending as I fear it is, I wish you all happy healthy pregnancies. 
DD is 3 and a new little one on the way! 

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Re: TW May be saying goodbye

  • I don't have advice but I want to say I'm so sorry.

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  • @chocomom2 I'm so sorry to hear this. Hugs to you. I don't have experience with a CP, so I don't want to lead you astray with any information. Take care of yourself and take some time to heal.

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  • The day after I found out I was pregnant with DS I had bleeding like I was on my period. The same thing happened in the third month. They basically put me on bed rest, then pelvic rest, and said to just wait. He's seventeen months old now. Hopefully you'll have the same outcome.
  • So sorry this is happening. With my CP I did not pass large clots. It was more like a heavy period. Take care of yourself. 

  • So sorry that you are going through this.
  • So sorry to hear this, sending positive thoughts your way
  • All the hugs coming your way. 

    I had a m/c before DD2, it was not chemical and I did pass bloody tissue. It was also an early loss (I was 6 weeks) and everything passed fine on its own without medical intervention. 

    I'm so sorry, girl. 

  • I'm sorry to say my CP at 5.2 weeks was quite clotty, but not terribly painful (physically anyway). Being that it's an early loss they tend to be complete and d&c is less likely but your doctor will be able to tell you more. 
    I'm so sorry you are experiencing this, it's a heartbreaking situation. 
  • Big big hugs to you right now.  

    TW [spoiler]  When I had an early miscarriage (5w,2d), it started with spotting and then changed to bright red blood and passing clots, like a really heavy period.  It was the weekend, so I went to the ER and they confirmed a miscarriage by doing an ultrasound.  I had to follow up with my OB a few days later to make sure all the tissue had passed, which it did, so I did not require any medical intervention.   I will keep you in my thoughts and hope that this is not the case for you.  <3 [/spoiler]
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  • Sending hugs and positive thoughts your way.
  • T&P for the best for you. Definitely rest, take care of yourself
    Me: 32 DH: 31 *The old lady by 5 whole weeks*
    Married: 11/2013
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  • I am so so sorry, I am sure this is scary and stressful. Hoping for the best!!!

  • Sending good vibes your way and hoping for the best for you. I started this pregnancy with bleeding that I thought was my period. Betas have gone up though. Took progesterone over the weekend and had it checked this morning and it was over 30. 
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  • Sending good vibes and hugs your way. 
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  • Sending love your way. ❤
  • Sending you love and positive thoughts.
  • Keeping you in my thoughts, I hope it turns out well!

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  • Thoughts and prayers! I really hope it works out ok, sorry your g
  • Sending positive thoughts x
  • I am so sorry you are going through this. I have no experience with a CP, but my MC at 7.5 weeks had a lot of clots. My thoughts are with you right now!
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  • So sorry to hear this news! I had a m/c at 5.5 weeks in 2013. It was like a period on steroids. Sending positive thoughts and vibes that this isn't the case! Everything happens for a reason. <3<3
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  • Sending love and prayers to you. 
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