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  • @lund thanks! Just wanted to read over them before more crazy happens with this group!
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  • I'm not on here enough...what did I miss?
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  • I have a quick question. I would like to make a thread about expectant and current moms on the board who are not in "traditional" (for lack of a better word) relationships. For example, those who are not married, etc. Just a place to discuss pressures, choices, other's perspectives, etc. Of course, others would be more than welcome to chime in and contribute also. 

    I was wondering if that would be an appropriate thread to create as a stand alone thread or if it would be more appropriate in a thread that already exists, if at all. Thanks!
  • @fullofhope25 I think that would make sense as its own thread. :) GL!
    Me: 34 H: 37
    Dating: 2003 Married: 2010
    TTC #1: Started April 2016
    Dx: Unexplained Infertility  Dx: NIR PCOS
    Twin boys born by unplanned c section 2/22/18

  • vflux33  - Thanks for the feedback!! 
  • HayrockHayrock
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  • sorry testing again

  • Maybe I'm blind, is there a weekly bumpie thread?
    Met 2004, Married 2011, Trying since 2013. Info in spoiler:

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    Me: 30
    Diagnosed with PCOS, later changed to unexplained anovulation due to high prolactin and normal testosterone levels
    Him: 31
    High sperm count (yay!) but also super high fluid volume (boo!)
    First IUI, Clomid and Follistim: 11/29-BFN
    Second IUI, Femara and Follistim: 12/29-BFN
    Third IUI, Femara and Gonal-F (and Follistim): 1/28 BFN
    Fourth IUI, Femara and Gonal-F: 7/23 BFN
    IVF 1: Femara and Gonal-F: 1/23/2017
    Beta Study:
    Beta #1: 1/28/2017 4.1
    Beta #2: 1/30/2017 34
    Beta #3: 2/1/2017 131
    Beta #4: 2/3/2017 476
    Ultrasound: 2/14/17-Twin Etopic Pregnancy, surgery to remove right fallopian tube on 2/17/2017
    FET 2: Femara, Gonal-F, and Clomid: Cycle Canceled due to low progesterone
    FET 3: July 7, Femara, Gonal-F, Clomid-BFP!!!!!! Due March 2018
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