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So Nervous!

jackkie94jackkie94 member
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Hey Everyone Im Official 32 Weeks Today, And Im Becoming More Nervous And Anxious (In A Good Way) I Still Cant Believe Im Going To Be A Mom And Gonna Pop Out A Baby. !!! Anyone Else Excited About It. ??

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  • Excited and anxious... And a little scared lol.  Its overwhelming... Totally get you! 
  • Yes! Very excited! Have to start packing the hospital bag!! It's so unpredictable for me. My first came at 35 weeks, my second came at 38 weeks 5 days, and who knows when this one will be ready!
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  • jsh5jsh5 member
    It seems crazy to me how fast time has flown by! It seems like just yesterday I heard his heartbeat for the first time and now I'm washing baby clothes and packing a bag just in case! 
    I'm excited too. But wishing time would slow down....I'm enjoying being pregnant so much.
  • I feel like pregnancy has been dragging forever! But I'm feeling anxious about all that's still left to do. I'm making a checklist of things for a hospital bag and hopefully it'll get done by next weekend. I'll be 33 weeks then!
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  • Hang in there ladies, I am quite nervous too, I was more nervous a month ago, I have chilled down a bit but I am someone who stresses a lot so last month isn't going to be easy for me! My worries lies in leaving DS for a couple of days whilst I am at the hospital and managing 2 kids hehe I am sure we will be fine but it's life changing and even though for good, it does make me nervous. I am also nervous about recovering from c-sec or going on labour before my scheduled c-sec! Haven't packed my bags yet! 
  • Definitely hitting the overwhelming excitement and overwhelming nerves/fear! Baby was a complete surprise to me and my hubby...had both been informed we couldn't have kids. 31weeks and still have a ton to do! Not so nervous about delivery more so about being a good mom! Didn't have the best example growing up she was in and out of my life and still isn't all that involved. She admits that she just never had the "mom gene." Also a total tomboy growing up raised by my dad...having a girl! I don't know to do my own hair! Don't want to disappoint her...Also don't have the best situation with my in-laws and I already have had to deal with more stress than I should. Everything I do is already critiqued and they can be vicious women. My husband has been amazing at putting up a wall and standing up for us but it's still his family. Just adds to the nerves!! I just want our little peanut to have all the love and support she can, not to go through the things I did growing up and I don't want to be constantly attacked by my in-laws. They all expect to be at the hospital and a few of them I would rather just wait until we have been home for a week or two before they come barging in...Holy vent session!
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