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IVF cycle November, anyone else?

Just found out yesterday that my clinic won't be able to do an IVF stimulation cycle with me until November. I really thought I would be able to do it sooner than that (((sigh))). So the wait goes on. At least I get to start testing and other appointments late next month. Maybe that will keep me busy enough to feel like things are happening. As of now time feels like it is going sooo slow.
Me (34) My Man (37)
TTC with IVF due to MFI and Mild PCOS

IVF #1 - scheduled November 2017


Re: IVF cycle November, anyone else?

  • Ugh waiting sucks! But look at it this way - you have ample time to make any adjustments to diet etc to help along in egg and sperm development - experts do say it takes 3 months of changes to affect eggs and sperm! FX for you!
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    6/2017: started IVF + ICSI cycle #1, antagonist protocol (menopur/gonal-f/ovidrel)
    7/17/2017: ER, 16 eggs retrieved, 15 mature and ICSI'd, 7 fertilized. 
    7/22/2017: 1 fresh day 5 embryo transfer, rest of embryos arrested at day 4 morula stage
    7/31/2017: BFN
    August: DH started clomid
    November 2017: Started metformin for egg quality
    March 2018: Planning to do IVF + ICSI, antagonist with HGH, freeze at 2pn stage for 2018 FET
  • I agree! I will be starting my first IVF cycle in October and going into November. It feels like forever, but I'm sure once it gets here it will go quickly. At least you get to start testing and stuff. That usually keeps the time passing a bit quicker!
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    I'm doing DE IVF and anticipating that it will finally happen around Nov. The summer and early fall are so packed I'm hoping it goes by quickly. 
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    IUI #1 10/31/16 - BFN
    IVF - ER #1 2/10 (3R, 3F, 1B for PGS - 0 viable for transfer)
    IVF - ER #2 3/24 (2R, 1F- 0 viable for transfer)
    IVF - ER #3 5/15 (1R- 0 viable for transfer)
    June 17: Starting the process for DE IVF
    Aug 17: Donor chosen! Anticipating a Nov cycle after testing is complete. 
    Nov 17: DE IVF ER 11/27 (35R, 19 F) Dec 2nd Transfer!
    Dec 12: BFP! EDD 8/20/18

  • Wonderful! Let's stay in contact. This is a first time for me so it would be fun to go through the process with other people at the same time.

    I've made every diet and lifestyle change anyone could think of since  a year and a half ago when I first started saving for IVF. Now that I have nothing left to do or research seems like time is going soooo slow.
    Me (34) My Man (37)
    TTC with IVF due to MFI and Mild PCOS

    IVF #1 - scheduled November 2017

  • I'm hoping that we will be starting IVF by then. We just had our 3rd IUI yesterday. I'm trying to stay positive and hope that it will work. I'm also trying to mentally prepare myself for IVF. We have our IVF discussion scheduled with the RE at the end of August.
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    July 2017-IUI #3 Femara, Ovidrel
  • Hello! I'm new here, but I am also planning a first time IVF cycle in November cycle starts November 6 I believe.  We will likely be freezing all and doing FET in January. Our IVF consult is the 30th of this month.  Also anxious with the wait.  

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    Spring 2013-Divorce
    Feb 2017-RE Consult "unexplained Infertiltiy"
    Mar, Apr, May 2017-Letrozole/Ovidrel/IUI-BFN's
    July 2017-Laproscopy/Hysteroscopy-"Severe Endometriosis with Bowel Lesion not removed"
    November 2017-IVF-14-Retrieved, 7 Mature, 6 Fertilized(ICSI) 0 embryos. Fertilized did not divide.
    New d(x)-Egg problem

  • Hello everyone! It's very likely that I will be starting in November as well. I have my IVF consult toward the end of September. Just waiting....
    Me: 29  DH:29
    Married: 10/6/2012
    TTC #1 since May 2013
    April 2017 - IUI #1- letrozole, Pregnyl - BFN
    May 2017 - IUI #2- letrozole, Pregnyl - BFN
    June 2017 - IUI #3- letrozole, Pregnyl- BFN
    July 2017 - IUI #4- letrozole, Pregnyl- BFN

    September 2017 - IVF Consult
    January 2018 - IVF - 2 Frozen Embryos
    March 2018 - FET #1
    April 2018  FET #1 - BFP! - ended in CP
    Sept 2018 - FET #2

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