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Suggestions for our boy's middle name...

We have decided to name our new baby boy Wren. Looking for a middle name that sounds nice, perhaps a bit more traditional??? My other son has a family name for a middle name (James) but we don't have any other nice family names that work. Any suggestions are appreciated, please no comments about disliking our name choice.

Re: Suggestions for our boy's middle name...

  • Wren Thomas
    Wren Edward
    Wren Oliver
    Wren Jacob
    Wren Phillip
    Wren Gabriel
    Wren Albert
    Wren Samuel
  • Suggestions:

    Wren Patrick
    Wren Jonathan 
    Wren Christopher 
    Wren Daniel 
    Wren Michael
    Wren Steven
    Wren Matthew 
    Wren Brandon
    Wren Alexander 

    I also second Wren Thomas. 
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  • Wren Anthony 
  • I really like Thomas as suggested above 
  • leighryleighry
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    Ditto on Wren Thomas! Also like Wren Jacob. Wren Daniel nice too.
  • Wren Bartholomew
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  • I like Wren Thomas 

    Wren Oliver
    Wren Samuel
    Wren Abram
    Wren Christopher
    Wren Maxwell
    Wren Nathaniel
    Wren Theodore
    Wren Elliott
    Wren Alexander
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