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  • @Rhubarb7216 yeah during the day I actually feel great, night time I get very comfortable and frustrated but I think a lot of it is my level of inactivity. And I hear you about worrying about future pregnancies, We've always wanted 3-4 kids and I feel like my first pregnancy has done me in. Doctors keep telling me it's very unlikely to happen again.... but it could. I've have tests upon tests trying to find a cause and OB and specialist both say it's just bad luck. Blood tests, clotting tests, zero risk factors, very healthy pre pregnancy, etc. bad luck just makes it more frustrating, I want a reason that I can fix it at least blame. I know you've had it rough too though and we are almost done I have 2 more days than you do. We really have had a lot of decisions taken from us but I keep trying to tell myself I'll forget all about it once they hand me my baby and I know that he is safe finally. 

  • @Breath_Easy92 I'm so sorry to hear about your grandmother. We went through a lot of loss right around the time DS was born (my husband's grandmother when I was 6 months pregnant, FIL when DS was 2 months old). Now my grandmother, who was like a mother to me, had been given less than a week. It's a time that's supposed to be full of hope for new life, so somehow it's even harder to grapple with this stuff. And pregnancy hormones.... Hang in there!
  • @kmac1982 thank you, I really appreciate it. It's been a rough time. 
  • I have started to majorly freak out about giving birth. The hospital I am going to has a birthing centre and a delivery suite. The birthing centre has a bath in every room but no epidural and the delivery suite has no bath but epidurals. It is possible to switch from birthing centre to delivery suite if you need an epidural but it can take a long time and it's not guaranteed if it's not a medical necessity. I think a bath would really help me as I've always been such a water person and love being in the water. Really undecided as what to do and it's really affecting my already existing anxiety over the whole thing!
  • @k8ywags Personally, I didn't find that the bath helped much. I'm giving birth in a room with a tub but doubt I will use it this time. 
  • @k8ywags in the birthing class I went to they talked about using water therapy in early labor maybe you could try that early on and if you don't think it's working you'll know earlier, maybe even at home if you labor at home first. They showed using warm washclithes with lavander, using a detachable shower head for a light massage on your belly, a full on bath, etc

    I would think that might give you a good indication of how much it will help you. However this is my first pregnancy so this is more theory than experience.
  • Yeah, I plan on taking a lavender bath at home during early labor, then heading to the hospital and getting the epidural.  I really don't need to experience all of the pain of childbirth, lol.  Then again this is my first baby so I have no clue if any of my plans will come to fruition! 
  • I'm also thinking about bath during labor...where I'm delivering has baths and offers aromatherapy. I don't know much about aromatherapy but have heard lavender is great for calming. Does anyone have any other information, suggestions or experience for using essential oils/aromatherapy etc during labor? I'm taking a labor class that may be helpful but it's not until late August... I'll report back anything I learn though!
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