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Throwing Your Own Baby Shower

So here is the problem.  I have lots of family and friends but not one person has offered to throw me a shower.  My husband and I had decided to throw our own, and use a family member as "the silent host".  After all the planning we had to divide up the guest list into 2 shower dates.  Invitations were already sent out for both and we got several RSVPs between the 2.  Because of the cost of it all, rentals of tables, chairs, tent, food, decor etc., we have to cancel it.  We cant afford it and on top of that I would be the one doing everything from decorating to food prep etc.  I just dont have the energy to do it.  How do I cancel my 2 showers without having to explain that I just cant afford to do it by myself?

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  • We are doing it ourselves too. On our invites we asked for everyone to bring a dish.. and the time is at 2.. inbetween lunch and dinner so we dont have to feed them...  We also have to have 2 showers bc we have older family and younger friends... our inner circle... and its better that way. We chose to have it at our home. Good luck to you. You can make things for cheap... Im very thrifty when it comes to saving $$$$. 
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  • I agree with BrandyLee. Have a potluck and get some cheap Dollar Tree decorations. But if you feel like cancelling, do it.
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