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Baby weight and pregnancy weight gain

Im 30 weeks pregnant and measuring small. Just had an ultrasound today and the baby is at the 12th percentile weighing around 2.15 lbs. I've gained about 12 lbs thus far. The doctor says not to worry because everything else is looking good and I just have a small baby. I'm supposed to go for growth scans every 3 weeks now. Even though the doctor said not to worried!! Anyone else in the same boat or have a small baby and baby was born perfectly healthy? 

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  • Why wouldn't you trust your doctor who has probably seen hundreds if not thousands of pregnancies? 

    Yes, a close friend of mine's baby measured small most of the pregnancy and he was fine. 
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  • With this last pregnancy I gained 8 pounds total and delivered a 9.5 pound baby. Every woman's body reacts to pregnancy differently. I would trust your doctor that there's nothing abnormal going on. 
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  • Trust your doctor, they are monitoring you with the growth scans...if anything comes up that is concerning they will let you know.  
  • Someone has to be 12%. It's statistically impossible for everyone to be in the 90%.
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    My baby was measuring at the 25% percentile at one of my scans. Not terrible, but to me it seemed small. Doctor wasn't concerned, but he told me that if I was worried about it to increase my protein intake. I cant remember where I saw it, but something I read said pregnant women should consume like 100g of protein a day. That is a freaking TON, but I did it for 3 weeks and at my next scan baby was in the 60th percentile. Might be worth a try if you are concerned. But to echo everyone else, I'm sure your doctor would tell you if it there was a serious problem.  

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