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High vs. Low

Just curious as to who is carrying high vs. low. I've been carrying really high all pregnancy (32 w, 5 d currently). I'm having a girl. I know the old wives tale says girls are high and boys are low, however there just can't be any scientific merit to that. Sometimes it's hard to breathe as she is right in my lungs!
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Re: High vs. Low

  • I feel like I am carrying lower this time, STM due with a boy. With my DD, she was up in my ribs even while I was in labour and then descended quickly into the birthing canal (and bruised her nose). This one is lower for sure. 
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  • I'm definitely carrying high. I can still put on pre-pregnancy pants and get them zipped, but not buttoned. Baby is also up in my ribs all. the. time. I'm a ftm with a girl. 
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  • BusyZeeBusyZee
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    Low. But I think it mostly could just be related with how strong your abs are and if you have a long torso. Everyone is convinced I'm having a girl. 
  • My OB told me that each pregnancy carries progressively lower as well, basically comparing it to a tired uterus lol.  I feel like this LO is in my ribs all the time though and I'm team green.
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  • I am carrying high. Did so with both of my other babies too. My kids never drop. I go into labor but don't dilate. I end up with csection (OB says it's the shape of my pelvis). 
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  • DS destroyed my pelvic floor, so I'm carrying this baby (girl) very low. Her head is so deep in my pelvis already they could barely get measurements at my last US.
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  • Carrying much lower with this little girl than I did with DS.  I never "dropped" with him...my water broke, and away we went, 2 weeks early.  She's so much lower I feel like she might fall out every now and again.
  • I've never been good at this. I feel like there's a difference between where baby is and how my bump looks. DS was up in my ribs but my bump looked low. This kid is waaayyy low in my pelvis, but I'm still able to wear some of my regular jeans (which I couldn't do last pregnancy), so...yeah. I'm super confused. I've spent time studying google images, and still don't know
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    @virginiaunicorn11 I'm going by bump location.  I think rib kicks happen no matter what.  Same with crotch punches.  I just hang low this time lol.

    ETA my bump was basically a boob rest last time.  Now, despite much larger boobs, they don't really touch.
  • I don't know I think I'm too short - I just look round, period! 
  • DD was high- excessive rib pain. Now DS is a lot lower and I think my vagina may fall off from pressure. It's like I'm actively trying to hold a bowling ball in there.
  • @virginiaunicorn11 I feel like you're carrying much more "girl bump" this time around. 
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  • CejimlCejiml
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    TTM with a girl and way lower this time around than with my other 2. I couldn't breathe until my son dropped and flipped head down. 
  • DD was super low, DS1 was super high, this boy is super low.
  • DS was super high, this one (girl) is much lower.
  • I carry high. This one is high, and so were DS1 and DS2, all boys if that makes a difference! 
  • Ftm with a boy, feeling like I'm carrying low but I've got a long torso and feel like I'm showing at closer to what most people's 18 weeks look like as opposed to the 33 weeks I actually am. 
  • I'm carrying high. FTM having a girl. Because I'm short, people are surprised I am not about to have the baby any day now. I'm all baby, but I have a big-ish belly. 
  • @crzyforbabies I'm short too (5' 3) so I wonder if that contributes to how I carry. There is a woman in my childbirth classes who is almost 6' tall and she is carrying so beautifully. I am so jealous!
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  • @virginiaunicorn11 but I was totally serious it looks super different this time! I just would've kept my opinions to myself if I didn't know you like collecting data :)
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    I carried high last time with DD and and now with DS. I'm guessing it's my torso and ab and hip flexor combo more than anything. Last time DD was frank breech from 18w on and DS has been head down from 18w on so it's not that either. This time I have a basketball in the belly straight out thing. I am wondering if I will drop
    thid time as last time I didn't before labor happened at 38w and she was also breech so nothing to really drop 

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  • @dancegurl1118 lol, guess I'm a little sensitive. Thanks! Now pardon me while I go obsess over this for the next 48 hours ;)
  • A lot of pictures I look like Im carrying high and I can still wear pre pregnancy jeans. but he's never been in my ribs and he's been so head down at every appointment that they can barely do head measurements. With that conflicting info, I have no clue how Im actually carrying. Everyone just keeps telling me I'm all baby and look normal from the back. Im only 5'3 so not a particularly long torso. 
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  • I feel like I was higher at the start of the pregnancy and that I dropped since because I feel like I am carrying low / lower now. Here's a picture from 20 weeks, 25 weeks where I feel I was a bit lower and then one from last week (33 weeks) Sorry for the size, I can't make them smaller for some reason. 

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