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HDBD 5/31 :)

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It's that time again!  <3 Let's see those bumps! 


Re: HDBD 5/31 :)

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  • @Sugargirl1019 Thank you! It's not a maternity dress - but I'm hoping I can still wear it a few more times this summer!
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  • @bridge-and-wall I'm wearing that same shirt today :)
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    thinkpositive2017  love the dress!!!!!
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    Everyone is looking amazing. I love seeing all the belly :)
  • @lexibelly a support belt would probably help a lot. The one benefit of a low baby is more room for your lungs and organs, but I'm sure the back strain/pelvic pressure aren't fun either. You look great, btw!
  • @lilpoots I feel like the support belts just relocate the weight to your back...? I don't know. I look at them and think they look like my lower back would be in a lot of pain. Right now I don't feel a ton of strain, just some pelvic pressure, and like I'm beginning to not be able to sit or walk so comfortabley. It's almost like having something between my legs as opposed to on my belly, if that makes any sense...?? But I'm assuming you're speaking for experiences about the support belt...?
  • @lexibelly I got a support belt. It does take some of the strain off my back, but I can't seem to find a way to comfortably wear it for more than an hour or so. 


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  • @lexibelly I didn't have issues with it hurting my back. It helps distribute the weight. It was uncomfortable to sit in the car with it on or sit for long times. I have a standing job, so it was totally helpful. 
  • @lexibelly I have a bad back to begin with and it's usually my lower back that gets thrown out. The belly band has totally saved me. It takes some getting used to but it helps distribute the weight and has made a huge difference for me. Also, you're due on my birthday :-)
  • Hmm... I really don't experience any back pain from this pregnancy so far? I have been to physical therapy many times over my life for some joint problems I have, so at this point my body is in very good alignment, maybe that is why I'm not experiencing the back pain you all are talking about. For me, the discomfort is in my hips and pelvis, it very much feels like the baby is between my hips. Largely what I'm finding difficult is just the physical mass and weight in front of me affecting how I move and walk. I guess I'm looking to have an easier time walking and balancing, not any kind of pain relief. Will the belly band help with this....? I guess that, in my imagination, it seems easier to maneuver if my belly were up on my stomach moreso than down in between my hips. But I could be totally wrong!
  • @lexibelly yes the support belt will help everything you're talking about and it won't hurt your back. I started wearing mine last time, because I had previa and wanted to lift baby up off of my placenta to reduce spotting. It has many benefits and uses. 

    I liked this one 
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