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VBAC Check In 5/27

Never gonna give you up, VBAC hopefuls! 
Tell us how you're doing this week and anything you want to share about your upcoming vbac. Questions, concerns, accomplishments, etc.

Re: VBAC Check In 5/27

  • Ok I'll start. 
    I have a regular check up this week, although they will probably be following up with me about abx and a possible kidney infection, that I'm fairly sure I didn't have.
    I'm excited about attending a meet the doulas session to possibly find a doula I click with. I feel like I can really form a plan then. 
    I have been wondering since my AS, what orientation the baby is in, since they didn't say anything and I didn't ask. DS was head down and stayed that way 21w on. This guy is way more active and flippy. I'm curious if the OB will determine by feel or with a final US, but I'm not scheduled for anymore.
    I'm also wondering if there is anything I can do this time to try and avoid a positive strep b culture? I really don't want to have to go into the hospital as soon as labor begins.
  • I spoke with my OB about wanting another VBAC this time. Evidently since I already had one my chances of success are even better so hopefully this little girls is positioned correctly. 

    I had a successful VBAC with my second daughter if anyone has any questions I am more than happy to answer. 
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  • @jngsunshine congrats on your first sucessful vbac. It is great that your chances look good for this baby, too! I'm sure I've got or will have questions to ask.
  • SouptinSouptin
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    Hi Friends,

    this little lady is SO active ( just like last time) so I wouldn't be surprised if she flips to and from head down multiple times from now to go time. I meet with my midwife in a few weeks so I am going to ask her more about the hospital ( I had DS in a different city) and experiences she has had with vbacs- We've only had a few brief conversations about it but not too many specifics-  like at  what point do they just call it for a RCS? is it  going over a due date or baby  size? position?  is it my call?  Whats in my best interest? Can I make the choice if I want? I pushed SO had for V birth last time I went 30 hours fueled by pure stubbornness- I would have done things differently if in that position today.

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  • @souptin for me it was my call. The biggest thing is they wouldnt "do much" to induce me and we would start talking about options at my due date. Fortunately for me I went into labor on my own a few days before I was due. 
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