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What brand of diapers do you prefer? Or for first time moms, what kind do you plan on using?

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  • We tried pretty much every brand out there before settling with Pampers. Different brands will fit every baby a little bit differently, so if you decide on one brand and it isn't working, you can always try another. 
  • DD is in Pampers Swaddlers during the day and Target UP&UP brand at night. 

    like PP said, every baby has a different tush, and every brand will fit differently.

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  • We started with Huggies newborn and hated them. Went to pamper swaddlers, loved them.  Once she became more mobile, pampers leaked for her and is not do well. We went back to buggies and they worked great for her.  

    I wouldn't buy a whole stash of one kind/size.  DD was born 8lb12oz and was not in newborn sizes for very long at all.  If you want to be prepared, personally, I would stash money on a gift card or 2 to the place(s) you normally shop.  Then that can be used as your diaper money. 
  • Ditto the stash money or gift cards. Each baby is different in what works. I used almost always huggies with my first, pampers with my second then luvs. Each kid leaked in one not the other or one fit the other etc.  Pampers swaddlers newborns were about the only one I used for all three

  • We liked Honest best when DS was a newborn and up through size 2s because he was so narrow! Then around 3 or 4 months old his thighs and butt were too big for Honest so we switched to Pampers Swaddlers for daytime and Pampers Baby Dry for nights.
    My favorite daytime diapers for size 4 and up have actually been Pampers Cruisers though - I love how they don't sag. They move with the baby as he/she is crawling and pulling up and stay in place. No leaks! 
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  • We use Babyganics. I don't love the fit, but I love that are just clean, solid diapers with no smell. Not all soft and slippery. They are on the expensive side (you can find them at Target), but we go through the effort of getting those. They have never leaked, even through a night time of peeing. Our alternates are super cheap ones from Walgreens.
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    I'd suggest buying a pack of each type brand in a size 1 or 2 when you find them on sale. I received a ton of size 2's in the form of a diaper cake (meaning covered in glitter and unable to be returned) and I swore there was no way I was going to go through them all with how quick LO was growing. We went through all 4 layers of said diaper cake diapers and then some. Before that I used Pampers Swaddlers, and even after that into size 3's before switching to Baby Dry because they were cheaper and my LO had no reactions to them.
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  • It really depends on the baby, but with my daughter we used Pampers for quite some time. We also tried Huggies and Luvs but they didn't fit my daughter well around the thighs so she had leaks. So we stuck with Pampers Swaddlers during the day and Pampers Baby Dry at night. Around the time she started crawling we switched from Swaddlers to Cruisers (still using Baby Dry at night for the extra layer of absorbency while she slept).

    Eventually, though, we started using Up and Up (Target brand) diapers since they're significantly cheaper than Pampers and fit my daughter well. They're not as soft as Pampers but I don't think that really made much of a difference to my kid. They have a regular version we use during the day, and an overnight version. 
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  • Both my kids used Luvs for day use and Huggies overnight for nighttime use. Pampers are fantastic top of the line, but are pricey and I've had just as much luck w/ the cheaper Luvs brand. 

    Keep in mind before buying to many that the smaller sized get grown out of super quick. My one baby was too big and never wore size nb yet my other wore nb for 6 weeks.
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    Pampers Swaddlers or the Huggies equivalent as a baby. Luvs gave DD rashes. Used Cruisers for awhile when she started walking but they changed the design after a few months and I didn't think they were absorbent anymore, so switched to Little movers. 

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    This.  Thetes so many great brands to choose from: Thirsties, Bumgenius, Sweetpea, Totsbots, BestBottoms, Blueberry... just to name a few. ;)
  • From a skin health perspective, Pampers has a lot of science to back it up. They're reco'd by most pediatric dermatologists, etc. If you care more about cost or environment, then there are downsides obviously. 
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