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  • kat0607kat0607 member
    I was just coming on here to congratulate you @kghusker1003 !!! She is beautiful! Glad to hear she's doing well in the NICU, and I hope recovery has also been going well for you! 
  • @kghusker1003 congratulations!! Would love to hear your birth start if you ever want to share! 
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  • @kghusker1003 congrats! She is beautiful!! How are you doing/feeling?
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  • Congratulations @kghusker1003! I'm wishing you and baby a quick recovery. Can't wait to read your birth story when you get the chance to post! 
  • @kghusker1003 Congratulations on your baby girl arriving safely. Hope you both are doing well.
  • Congrats @kghusker1003!!! I know you've had a rough go of it this pregnancy- so happy that your daughter is doing well in the NICU. Keep us updated when you can. :)
  • Congrats, @kghusker1003!!!!!
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  • @kghusker1003 Congrats!!! She's gorgeous!  Hope both of you are well and get to go home very soon!

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  • @kghusker1003 Congrats, mama!  Glad to hear everything is healing nicely- hope the soreness goes away ASAP!
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  • @kghusker1003 Congrats! Your baby is beautiful!
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  • @kghusker1003 so happy that you are on the mend. mag is a hell of a drug. Baby girl is gorgeous!!! 
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  • @kghusker1003 Congratulations! wishing you all the best!
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  • acstec1acstec1 member
    @kghusker1003 congrats mama!! I am so glad to hear she is doing well and I hope that you are doing well too. Hopefully, you will all be able to go home very soon!  <3
  • BusyZeeBusyZee member
    @kghusker1003 she's so cute! Bless! Good to hear that and congrats <3
  • lph4248lph4248 member
    Many congratulations @kghusker1003!! So glad everyone is healthy, and hope you start feeling more like your normal self soon.
    ~DD arrived July 4, 2017~
  • Congratulations @kghusker1003 she's beautiful! Hope you're feeling better soon and everything continues to go well for mama and baby both <3

  • Congrats @kghusker1003 glad you're on the mend!
  • @kghusker1003 glad you're both doing well!
  • @kghusker1003 Congratulations and I'm so glad to hear everyone is doing well!!
  • DcwtadaDcwtada member
    Congratulations @kghusker1003 she is beautiful. So glad everything is looking great and you can hopefully be home and back to normal before you know it! 
  • Congratulations @kghusker1003!! I hope your recovery continues to go smoothly and you can take that adorable baby girl home soon. 
  • Congrats @kghusker1003 !! She is beautiful! Hoping for a quick recovery and that you get to hold her very soon
  • @kghusker1003 congrats!  She's beautiful!  Hope you recover quickly and you both can go home soon!
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