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Expecting TRIPLETS! Seeking suggestions

My husband and I have had one miscarriage and then experienced 18 mo of infertility afterwards. We had been put on 58-75 iu of Follistim plus Pregnyl trigger shot. I had to have a cyst aspiration because my body reacted very strongly to the follistim and we were left with 3 follicles. After timed intercourse and the dreaded 2WW, we were blessed to find out that all three follicles were fertilized and stuck :)! We're still adjusting to the news. I'm more scared than anything because I am 5'3, 120ish pounds and I'm very fit. I know from reading that I am already considered to be borderline underweight/low normal weight and that isn't good enough for triplets. I've been reading Dr. Luke's book When You're Expecting Twins, Triplets, or Quads" , and based on that information I need to gain some serious weight fast. I'm seeking any advice, encouraging words, or just some good vibes from any expecting multiple mommas! Here are my main concerns-

1. What kind of car should we get? We have a boxer and travel "up north" (any Michiganders here?!). We're debating between a Yukon, Suburban, and an Expedition.
2. How can I get in enough protein in these first few months if as soon as the clock strikes 6pm I get very nauseous and exhausted. It's hard to meet the daily requirements.
3. My most selfish fear is never ever getting my body back. I know this is a miracle and I'm blessed to carry these babes but it terrifies me that I'm just going to see a huge change and never bounce back.
4. Since I've had a miscarriage before, now I'm terrified that I'm going to have another one but this time even worse. It was so hard the first time. I don't like thinking about it.
5. I'm 7 weeks 5 days and I can already see some major changes in my body. In the morning I don't think I'm showing but as soon as I eat it's like 'oh, hello there tummy!' We've shared with close friends and family but I feel like we'll need to share much sooner than we normally would plan to.

That's all I can think of for now. Good vibes and positive thoughts out to all you multiple mommas!

Re: Expecting TRIPLETS! Seeking suggestions

  • First off, congrats!! Lots of positive vibes to you. With regard to #4 I will say I understand the heartache and even though I had a successful delivery and am pregnant with twins now I still think about that every day. It is scary and I wish I didn't think about it because I so want to get excited about more but the fear is always there for me. Just know many women have rainbow babies and just take care of yourself and try to have fun with it! If you have a good support system I would share, it helped me get through because everyone else's excitement helps :)
  • Congrats, as a fellow IF mamma its a rough road!  
       as for a car I guess you need to think if you want all three in a row or are going to stagger them (this may also affect your car seat choice.) if you stagger how easy is it to access the 3rd row?  You may need to consider a minivan.... we are just switching to one now as we are expecting #3 but so many people say the sliding doors are a life saver.
    2. the protein can be tough.. greek yogurt (low sugar varieties), cottage cheese, nuts, nut butters on toast or fruit, were all things I did... I;m assuming your going to be seeing an MFM and most of them have a nutritionist who may be able to help you find high protein items that you can stomach. but give yourself a bit of a break in the first trimester as that nausea can be killer and just getting something to eat can be a challenge. (it will get better). also lots of small frequent meals. plus WATER, WATER, WATER
    3.even with a singleton pregnancy your body changes, it won't be the same. I think that is something we all struggle with. but your body has done an amazing thing and try to give yourself a break. It took me a while (and TBH i'm still getting comfortable with my new body). Please be aware right after birth you will have a lot of loose skin... it kinda freaked me out but it will shrink back (though maybe not completely) hang in there mamma you will be beautiful no matter what
    4. Pgal brain is a B. I too had a miscarriage before my twins. I felt better after viability, just tell yourself every day that you are pregnant. hugs
    5. you will start showing sooner, some of it is bloat, but your uterus is holding a lot more than a normal pregnant woman so yes you may have to spill the beans sooner. just think of it as more support!
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  • Thank you for the replies and suggestions, ladies!! ❤❤
  • We suffered losses and went through ivf to conceive our twins. There was never a time I felt 100% confident in our pregnancy. After the 24 week mark, I felt a small load come off of my shoulders, but still always checked when going the bathroom. Another small negative to carrying twins was DS was larger and sat in top of DD, causing her to not be able to move as much, which meant I couldn't feel her as often. I had to lie down several times a day to make sure I could concentrate on feeling her move.
    As for a vehicle, we ended up getting a van when they were a few months old because one of our cars stopped running. I was so upset because I liked using our Trail Blazer, but the van has been a life saver for me. The automatic doors and seats that collapse and store underneath have been amazing when it's just me taking them out and about. The space is also great when we have the 2 dogs shoved in there as well. We don't go "up nort'" too much (Wisconsite over here), but the in laws are 2 hours away so it makes for nice travel.
    Just do your best with eating and remind yourself that you don't have to eat perfectly every day. I couldn't stand the smell of most meats through most of my pregnancy and my twins turned out healthy and safe at the end of it all.
  • I am having twins but how exciting for triplets!!!  I am only 12 weeks along but I feel you about the body changes. I am 5"2 and around 113 pounds (was) but at 7 weeks I couldn't even begin to try buttoning any of my pants. The belly bands are a lifesaver right now, but I am already in gap maternity jeans. I know alot of people who did the c section girdles(wraps) after birth and it seems like it helped, at least with bringing the uterus down to size.  Ive been lubing up, I also take warm baths with Lush bath oils bc it helps keep my skin moisturize. 

    With regards to eating, I couldn't keep anything major down but started getting my protein from carnation instant breakfast shakes. My gf who is pregnant also drinks them and blends them with yogurt and bananas.  I have one (or two ) every day and that keeps me at a decent intake of protein. Also, for some reason..they are easy to keep down when nothing else is. 
    Good luck!! 
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