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Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day!! For some this is your first, for others were old pros. But it's a day to bond us all together with those little beings we birthed. 

How are you celebrating your special day? 
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Re: Happy Mothers Day!

  • Yay happy Mother's Day to us!! I'm celebrating my first Mother's Day with a BBQ with our parents and DHs sister and family!
    About us:
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  • Happy Mother's Day ladies! I am sending DH and the kids next door to see his mother, and I am staying home in my pjs all day. I lost my mom 3 years ago, about 3 months before I had my first baby, so I typically insist we get out of town and  do something just the 3 (now 4) of us so I don't have to spend the day with someone else's mother (his mom, my step-mom, my aunts). I don't get along that well with MIL, so spending Mother's Day with her is usually pretty low on my priority list. We usually take her to dinner another day to celebrate the holiday. This year she is terminally ill, so we had to adjust. I ended up sick this morning, so I'm not going over, but I told DH that he has to go and take the kids. I had planned to go too, but her immune system is so low, all sick people are banned.

    Bonus: DH hung out with our 2 year old all morning, and I stayed in bed with the baby until 11. We woke up to nurse, but mostly I tried to sleep off the pounding headache.
  • Oh wow @catybug820 ... sorry to hear all that. Hope you feel better soon!!!
  • Happy Mother's Day!!!!  . Spent the day looking at open houses while there was one being held at mine. Then we went out to dinner.
    @triwellnessgirl your LO is so adorable! Love her smile 
    @catybug820 hope u feel better soon 

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  • @catybug820 Sorry your Mother's Day wasn't the best.  Hope you are feeling better!
  • Thank you so much @lilies5/28/06 !! Hope you had a great Mother's Day!!
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    Sooo late to the party. We were visiting my family this past weekend, so my Mother's Day was spent traveling. We stopped to see my mom on the way home. DH only got me a card.
    i was kind of hoping for something more. So I was somewhat disappointed. Maybe next year. He's so clueless I'll probably have to tell him to get me something. Lol

    hope everyone enjoyed their day! @catybug820 hope you are feeling better! 
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  • Thanks ladies! It took a few days, but I finally shook they headaches and yucky feeling yesterday. Hope everyone enjoyed their Mother's Day! 
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