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  • Breastfeeding supplies. Likely most people won't buy them for you, however at least you can use the completition coupon on them! 
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  • We preferred this clip on style high chair. Doesn't use a regular chair so you can still have the normal number of adults sitting at the table. Great to travel with. We got the optional tray that attaches to it as well. Inglesina Fast Table Chair, Black
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  • @carries2018 that is the piano floor mat I've been eyeing!

    As far as the convertible car seat, I love the idea of only buying 1 CS but we are registering for an infant car seat (purposefully one that is lightweight) with an attachment to our stroller so we can just pull the CS out and let baby keep sleeping if we need to.  I know that it means buying 2 car seats and we may change our tune if we have a 2nd, but we've counted the costs and decided we want the option that the convertible CS doesn't afford us.  We don't intend to keep baby in the CS all the time, but just want the extra time when we need it.  Am I wildly overestimating the value of that option?

    @natleilynn yes I'll bump that thread, you had a wicked good list there!
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  • @carries2018 that is the piano floor mat I've been eyeing!

    As far as the convertible car seat, I love the idea of only buying 1 CS but we are registering for an infant car seat (purposefully one that is lightweight) with an attachment to our stroller so we can just pull the CS out and let baby keep sleeping if we need to.  I know that it means buying 2 car seats and we may change our tune if we have a 2nd, but we've counted the costs and decided we want the option that the convertible CS doesn't afford us.  We don't intend to keep baby in the CS all the time, but just want the extra time when we need it.  Am I wildly overestimating the value of that option?

    @natleilynn yes I'll bump that thread, you had a wicked good list there!
    Most people go that route. We got two bases for our Chico KeyFit to have 1 in each vehicle. Most babies can stay in the infant seat until around 9 months, but some smaller babies last longer in them (they're typically outgrown by height). Convertible seats don't have to be expensive.
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  • yenrecyenrec
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    @virginiaham we also got the Chicco Keyfit 30 system and IMHO I wish someone would've told me to get a convertible seat from the get go. However, I have a few disclaimers:

    DD is very tall and didn't last in her seat until 2 like I expected/hoped so that I could then purchase a forward facing seat. My situation NOW is that she is too tall for her Chicco Keyfit 30 but isn't old enough to be forward facing. So I had to buy a convertible (for $280 - again, disclaimer: I chose Graco 4ever because I found it to be the best choice for us. You don't have to spend that much if you don't want to) which I desperately wished I would've done from the beginning because we have two bases and the car seat that I'm trying to sell. I'm going to have to buy another for this new LO in October because I don't want them to outgrow the Keyfit like DD did before they reach the weight/height/age limit too. 

    Also, DD wouldn't be caught dead sleeping in her car seat. She's one of those special snowflakes that does NOT like being in her seat or car rides. So I wouldn't put all your eggs in one basket that your LO will blissfully sleep in the seat and easily be converted to the stroller to continue their rest. 

    Long story short, these are our personal experiences, and it's different for everyone. Please don't get me wrong I LOVE our Chicco Keyfit 30 system, it just didn't last long enough for us to benefit from it financially for DD or for the next one because I'm worried they'll outgrow it too quickly too. Now I'm trying to sell my whole outfit to try to recoup our costs. However, it was also nice to pick up the infant car seat and lug it around instead of making baby uncomfortable and wake her up by getting her out of the seat if we were at the doctor, store, grandparents, etc. Just another perspective for you! 
  • We are getting another infant car seat before we get a convertible. The reasons why for us is because getting 3 buckled into a car seat/booster takes time and if I can have one child buckled in and ready to go before we leave the house or store, that's a plus in my book. Plus going into winter it's nice to be able to have the seat warmed up inside first. My first absolutely hated car seats and would never sleep in them, but I never regretted having the infant bucket seat. The second didn't mind them but gets car sick all the time, so I'll be looking for easy cleaning and easy to adjust car seats! 
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  • IMO i think you need an infant carrier and a convertible car seat for down the road. my BIL/SIL had one of their cars just have the convertible in it from the start but they didnt use that car often. it seemed to work for them. but there are benefits of the carrier with newborns. Cosco has a safe cheap seat if you are looking to save money that way on the convertible. but i say add the convertible seat of your dreams to your registry, see if someone buys it. if you end up having to buy yourself then look into more economical choices.
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  • @bumpadmin sticky?
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  • We bought the Chico key fit and still use it for our 27 month old and still going strong. She is only 25lbs so dad carries her if she is the car seat; we are keeping her rear facing as long as possible. If she is not in the car seat then we put her in the bottom part of the stroller and let her ride chariot style. 

    She does NOT sleep in the car but she did take naps in her swing until about 6 months. 

    Best advice for a registry? Find a friend or resale shop - seriously same those coins for the college fund. (Wish i
    had listened the first time around - live and learn) second best advice,  register for things you will use around 12-18 months. Don't be afraid to put big items on the list, you won't feel as bad about LO hating the $400 swing of it was a gift. People will chip in on the pricy gifts. 

    Amazon prime membership, food service/delivery, night nurse, and gift cards are wins for the registry. 
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  • jasmuinjasmuin
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    I liked these bottles because the bottom comes off for easy washing! 
    Playtex Baby Ventaire Anti Colic Baby Bottle, BPA Free, 9 Ounce - 3 Count
  • curlyq423 said:
    I LOVE the Tommee Tippee rubber bibs. Love them. Less laundry and can just wash or rinse them after use. 

    Didn't register for a video monitor but got one and love it. I like how I can see if he's awake awake and crying vs. Crying/whimpering in his sleep. 

    Don't register for blankets, clothes, regular bibs, bath soaps/lotions. Those seem to be the go-to items to buy when people didn't know what to buy or didn't buy off the registry. 

    We used our PNP a lot traveling. Our whole family lives out of town and we
    travel every June. 

    We used the Bobby pillow more for propping up and tummy time than we did for actual nursing.

    I would register for things for when the baby gets older and becomes a toddler. We did cups, sippy cups, toddler forks/spoons, plates, bowels, etc. Everyone will be so excited to get you baby stuff for the shower and when the baby arrives, these are good ideas for less things you will need as they grow. 

    Ok, that's all I can think of for now!

    I think registering for soaps and stuff is helpful, because then they know what kind you like. I definitely didn't want any Johnsons bath stuff, so pretty much all I got was babyganics from my registry which was great! And I definitely wanted the Aden & Anais blankets so I did register for those. People do love buying blankets and bins tho....

    +1 on registering for toddler/older baby items!!! It was so nice to not have to run out and go shopping at every development age hah. I suggest the munchkin snack cups, munchkin 360 cup, Oxo plate & silverware and for sure the Tommy Tippy rubber bibs! 

  • MamaStreeterMamaStreeter
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    Okkkk I forgot to mention some things because pregnant: 

    - Marpac dohm sound machine 
    - convertible car seats (were hoping to get the Graco 4ever all in one extend to fit this time around) 
    - soft structured wrap & structured wrap 
    - a&a blankets 
    - halo swaddle sleepsacks and regular sleep sacks in larger sizes 
    - video monitor 
    - swing 
    - goumi kids mittens and booties!!! (On amazon) 
    - diaper backpack. Ain't nobody got enough arms for a non-backpack version imo 
    - organic cotton or jersey or flannel sheets - all other sheets are scratchy and uncomfortable! 
    - medicine kit 
    -ETA: nose freida!!! 
  • KDeolaKDeola
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    I'm in the camp of infant bucket seat and convertible for later on. Carrying a squishy new baby to the car while holding other things and then getting them buckled after you've managed to put down your purse/diaper bag/other children without dropping the baby?  No thanks.  Especially as it will be getting cold when we have our October babies.  You can get them in the car seat and put a blanket over them to take them to the car.  
    I'm also in the minority about wipes warmers.  I loved ours and used it for both kids.  Have you ever touched a cold wipe to your nether regions?  Its such a cheap thing and really you only have to put water in when you load new wipes.  Totally worth it IMO.  
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  • @KDeola that was my rationale last time, too - and that was a December baby. We're using the same car seats, but I'm planning to baby wear this baby - I think I'm going to need the extra hands.
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  • @KDeola yeah my post makes it sound like I wouldn't register for an infant seat but I TOTALLY would. Definitely the warmest and most convenient option for carrying baby in the colder months. I just meant don't skip out on registering for convertible seats because you'll need them quicker than you think! It was so nice to have ours on deck when we decided to switch, since someone bought it off our registry. 

  • I am all about glass bottles!  I will be back to work at 8 weeks post-birth, so my kiddos have all had their breast milk out of bottles for at least 10 hours per day starting at 2 months old.  My glass bottles have lasted through 3 kids, clean very well in the dishwasher, never had mold or residue issues, etc.  We have never had one shatter or break and the milk heats up easily by placing the glass bottle in a cup of hot (not heated) tap water.  They are something like this:
    We have them in both the 4 and 8 ounce sizes.  We will probably need to replace the nipples this time around, though.

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  • KDeolaKDeola
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    @MamaStreeter I totally agree to register for a convertible car seat  as well! 
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  • dogperson11dogperson11
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    We bought the Chico key fit and still use it for our 27 month old and still going strong. She is only 25lbs so dad carries her if she is the car seat; we are keeping her rear facing as long as possible. If she is not in the car seat then we put her in the bottom part of the stroller and let her ride chariot style. 

    Just an FYI, Chicco specs are under 30# and/OR under 30". They also require that there be 1" of space between the top of the child's head and the top of the cat seat shell. I would be very willing to bet your child has outgrown this seat and needs a new one.

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  • Ok here we go. Copying over answers from the other registry thread!

  • @canonmom413

    What did you love? I was pregnant with spring babies , but loved the BeBand ( belly band).  Being I will be bigger through summer this time I just plan on wearing longer tank tops and maxi skirts etc.

     What would you skip this time around? I felt a pillow is unnecessary. Some love it and need it. I did not. Two extra regular pillows ( one betwee. My knees and one under my belly) was fine for me.

     What would you save on? Again, pregnancy pillows.

     What would you splurge on? Good prenatal vitamins and really good water bottles like a Yeti. Something to keep water ice cold long. Being pregnant will make you hot and dehydrate easier. Being extra pregnant though summer will make you even worse. Stay hydrated well friends!

     What was your "unicorn" pregnancy/baby item? Nothing here for pregnancy. But for baby , a white noise machine! Life saver.

     Were there any specific keepsake items you have come to cherish? Baby book! The ones I used with my girls had a pregnancy section. Using apps is all fun and everything. But nothing compares to having a hand written book to look back on with your babes.


  • @atlee712

    What did you love?

    Pregnancy: Body pillow for sleeping. Made the world of a difference later on in pregnancy.

     Baby: Swing! It was honestly a lifesaver when making supper and things like that. Also, muslin swaddle blankets and sleepsacks; and my Tula!

     What did you buy/receive that you would you skip this time around?

    Pregnancy: Honestly, pregnancy books. I didn't really read them and enjoyed learning from other moms more.

     Baby: Hands down, the change table. I have only ever used it maybe twice.

     What would you save on (e.g. buy used or the choose the cheaper available option)?

    Pregnancy: MATERNITY CLOTHES. There are so many consignment shops near me that I didn't realise sold maternity clothes. I spent TOO much money on a maternity wardrobe.

     Baby: Bassinet. We had the Halo Bassinest. It was great, but if your baby is tall it won't last long. Our DS outgrew it in 2 months and with a 299.99 (plus tax) price tag here, it wasn't worth it.

     What would you splurge on?

    Pregnancy: If this counts, maternity photos. We didn't do any! Otherwise, there isn't much. I didn't really buy a whole lot during my pregnancy for me. Lots of treats from DavidsTea!

     Baby: A Medela breast pump. I was pressured into formula feeding (don't ask, long, bitter story lol). This time around I am committed to breastfeeding and am not going to let anyone pressure me otherwise.

     Bonus Q's:

     What was your "unicorn" pregnancy/baby item? TULA. DS loved it, and it was a great way to get him to nap/get stuff done around the house.

     Were there any specific keepsake items you have come to cherish? We had a blanket made out of clothing from our DS's first year. It is so sweet. We also over-did it with professional photos of my DS. But looking back it's nice to see how he's changed and grown. Plus our friend is the photographer and we get huge discounts. We also did monthly pictures with this super cute chalkboard made by Pearhead.

     ETA: another thing to splurge on is a stroller. We loved our Britax B Agile. We started with a Baby Trend and hated it. It was so wobbly and awful. We are also going to make sure to invest in a good double stroller. We will have 2 under 2, so it's important to us! 

  • @purplestarz

    I'm here to share my wisdom and knowledge! all seriousness though, we had a similar thread in my first BMB that was a lifesaver to me as a FTM. So FTMs, definitely take note!

     What did you love?

    Pregnancy: My body pillow! I had horrible hip pain in my last pregnancy. I thought body pillows were big and dumb. DH surprised me with the Snoogle. I was mad at him for spending the $$ at first, but I love that damn thing. It helped with my hip pain immensely.

     Baby: So many things! I love the SwaddleMe wraps/swaddles. For the life of me I couldn't get a tight swaddle with those Muslin blankets everyone loves (especially in a sleep deprived fog at 3am), but I'm a champ when it comes to velcro. DD also has a white noise machine/stuffed animal (Gentle Giraffe) that she has slept with from day 1 pretty much. I also love those pacifiers with the stuffed animal attached (Wubanub is one brand but there are several). Those are great for while in the car seat or swing. It the pacifier drops out of their mouth the stuffed animal keeps it there.

     What did you buy/receive that you would you skip this time around?

    Pregnancy: Pregnancy books...I never read more than a chapter or two. I also bought a doppler last time but I could live without it.

     Baby: Muslin swaddle blankets for reasons mentioned above lol. People love them but I ended up just using them as receiving blankets/burp rags. I also got SO MANY random blankets from people. No one needs that many baby blankets. I also have a Bumbo seat that we only used occasionally. I know there is controversy on using those anyway.

     What would you save on (e.g. buy used or the choose the cheaper available option)?

    Pregnancy: Can't think of anything right this second.....if I think of something I'll come back and edit.

     Baby: Honestly, clothes. I've come to love those big children's consignment sales. Babies and toddlers grow so fast I refuse to pay full price for anything unless it's a special occasion!

     What would you splurge on?

    Pregnancy: The only "pregnancy splurge" I had was we hired a cleaning lady to come and DEEP CLEAN our house one day a few weeks before my due date. It was so nice to have a clean house that I didn't have to clean. I mean, she even cleaned the inside of our fridge and oven. I think I've decided this pregnancy we need to splurge on this once a trimester lol.

     Baby: The crib. Splurge on the convertible crib. Once DD started climbing out of the crib it was so nice to just switch it into the toddler bed instead of having to go out and buy something else on a whim. It eventually turns into a full bed so I imagine it's something we'll have for a looooong time. I wanted to be cheap (I'm frugal by nature) and get a super simple crib but I'm glad we didn't.

     Bonus Q's:

     What was your "unicorn" pregnancy/baby item? I SWEAR by the "Zip a Dee Zip" slumber sacks. You use them after you can no longer safely swaddle. DD slept in her "Zippy's" from 3 months until she was a year and a half.

     Were there any specific keepsake items you have come to cherish? Not really any items...I just wish I would have taken more videos of DD as a baby! I love looking back on her videos and wish I had more of just the random moments :)

  • Ok whoops need to go get my hair did now. Will finish when I get back, lol. Sorry the formatting isn't copied over, I put it all in Word first and the formatting didn't follow there.

  • Ok continuing the slow way to keep myself entertained at the hair salon.

    @jessafishy ;

    What did you love?
    Pregnancy: PILLOW! Particularly one like this. It was a godsend (though DH complained about how big it was.) I roll side to side a lot when I sleep and I didn't want to have to drag a whole pillow with me when I did. This eliminated that problem and helped with the lower back/SI joint pain I was having.

    Baby: Aden & Anais Muslin Swaddle Blankets. We used them SO MUCH. Also, a sound machine. Also, cloth diapers for spit-rags. 

    What did you buy/receive that you would you skip this time around?
    Pregnancy: I am pretty much a minimalist when it comes to my own things so I can't think of anything for this category that I didn't use/wouldn't buy again.

    Baby: My Grandma got us some PeePee TeePees. We never used them. Ever. Not even once. 

    What would you save on (e.g. buy used or the choose the cheaper available option)?
    Pregnancy: Realized I skipped this one. See above.

    Baby: Crib/Toddler bed. We got our crib used from SIL/BIL and we bought a used toddler bed for $20. DS is still in the crib, he has never tried to climb out. We will switch him over this summer so he's settled when #2 comes along.

    What would you splurge on?
    Pregnancy: Pillow. See Above. 

    Baby: Car Seat. BUY IT NEW! BUY AN EXTRA BASE! I loved our Chicco Keyfit. It is stupid easy to install and use. I loved Chicco so much we got a Nextfit for his convertible seat. 

    Bonus Q's:
    What was your "unicorn" pregnancy/baby item? I wanted to get a hospital gown last time around and didn't end up doing it. I will definitely get one this time. I hate the ones the hospital provides and didn't change into one until I was almost ready to push. Taking the sweatpants on/off was a pain. p

    Were there any specific keepsake items you have come to cherish? I love the Pottery Barn Christmas Ornament we got for DS. (It's not available on their website currently! Wah!) 

  • Mommac

    What did you love?
    Pregnancy: Maternity clothes. Seriously. The comfiest things in the world. Also, maternity photo shoot. I am so glad I have those photos now.

    Baby: My nursing pillow! I got the Jolly Jumper one. It's big, and awesome. And it's great to sleep with during the end stages of your pregnancy! 

    What did you buy/receive that you would you skip this time around?
    Pregnancy: Honestly, I'm super cheap so I didn't buy a lot during my pregnancy unless I felt I needed it. So I don't really have anything here.

    Baby: Phillips Avent Breast Pump - IT WAS HORRIBLE!!!!!!!! I tried it a few times and didn't get a drop out of it. I bought a Medela Pump in Style pump and it worked beautifully! Highly recommend it. Also, I didn't buy this, but I borrowed my sister's Moby wrap and absolutely HATED it. It was so hot!!! I later bought a Beco Gemini and loved it! Planning on getting a ring sling for this baby (for the newborn stage).

    What would you save on (e.g. buy used or the choose the cheaper available option)?
    Pregnancy: Again, not a lot because I only bought what I needed. 

    Baby: Swing/bouncer. My son ended up hating the swing we bought. I wish I had bought one second hand that I could turn around and sell again if he didn't like it. I'm actually hoping to sell his this time around and buy a different one secondhand. 

    What would you splurge on?
    Pregnancy: Maternity photos. I know it's not everyone's thing. But I really appreciated my photos. We will be doing them again this time. HIRING A DOULA!!! This is my #1. I LOVED my doula. Could not recommend having a doula enough. She was well worth the money we paid her. And I even tipped her $100 in the end because she was so incredible.

    Baby: A good breast pump, especially if you think you'll be pumping a lot. Crib. We love DS's crib. We did a lot of looking around before settling on it. I found a lot of cribs in store were very wobbly, not sturdy, and just not nice. We really took our time researching and finding something we loved. And it's a convertible crib so he will be using it for a while. 

    Bonus Q's:

    What was your "unicorn" pregnancy/baby item? I don't understand this question...

    Were there any specific keepsake items you have come to cherish? I took a footprint of DS when he was 1 month old. It's framed and in his room and I love it. I also kept the outfit that we brought him home from in the hospital. After the baby is born, I will get both the hospital take home outfits made into teddy bears (a woman in my city does this and I think it's so cool). 

  • @canonmom413

    A few things I can attest to:

    used swing - i bought my DD2 new and she loved it , but she was too big/ started to hate it around 12 weeks. 179 dollar swing for 12 weeks was not worth it. I sold it for 80. I bought the same swing used already this time around for $50. I will go ahead and sell it for the same when we're done. 

    Maternity photos! Just do it! I take them and have never gotten mine done. I feel like I can't this one either because I didn't with the first two  

  • @mrs_fogue

    I feel like this could get lengthy...

    What did you love?
    Pregnancy: Body Pillow is obvious, I guess the one thing I got during my first that I loved were my essential oils.  Especially in the third trimester.  It really helped relieve aches and pains and then when it was go time it really helped relax me.  I used the clary sage during induction and had a quick delivery.  My doctor and nurses all loved that I diffused the room and it smelt so lovely.

    Baby: I was gifted this little divider caddy.  We use it to this day.  I filled it with diapers wipes and other essentials and could just carry it from room to room instead of having to get up to go to the nursery to change diapers.  Also the rock n' play aka RNP was a life saver the first month.  It's all DD would sleep in.

    What did you buy/receive that you would you skip this time around?
    Pregnancy: I know this has already been talked about but I didn't like the belly bands to help hold pants up.  I never could get it to work right and it would keep rolling up on me.  Waste of money.  

    Baby: Wipe Warmer.  Such a waste.  I hardly used it and when we did the wipes would be dried out.  

    What would you save on (e.g. buy used or the choose the cheaper available option)?
    Pregnancy: maternity clothes, books

    Baby: We purchased our swing.  Items were practically brand new and had all the instructions and cords.  We just gave it a good wash and saved over half.  Same thing with clothes.  Especially the little ones.    

    What would you splurge on?
    Pregnancy: Anything to make you comfortable.

    Baby: Pictures, monitor, breast pump (get the good one but check with your insurance, I got a free Madela through them.)

    Bonus Q's:

    What was your "unicorn" pregnancy/baby item? TULA.  I didn't get one last pregnancy because I was gifted another carrier.  This time I am getting a Tula. 

    Were there any specific keepsake items you have come to cherish? no not really

  • @grkgdss00

    What did you love?
    Snoogle body pillow - all the way. 
    Coconut oil for belly 2x per day (not sure if it was this or something else but no stretch marks - yay)

    Solly Wrap for first 4 months. 
    Boppy nursing pillow - tried 3 different kinds and the Boppy was the best
    Fisher Price snuggapuppy swing - DD loved it and helped us eat dinner and just be hands free when needed

    What did you buy/receive that you would you skip this time around?
    Belly bands - skip and just buy maternity jeans/leggings/maxi skirt

    Baby: We're pretty simple and only got things we needed, ill come back and edit this if I find one!

    What would you save on (e.g. buy used or the choose the cheaper available option)?
    Maternity clothes - Ross/TJ Maxx and discount stores have awesome deals. Don't spend a ton on a shirt you'll only wear a few months. Also, check with friends and borrow their stash! I have about 5 girlfriends that we've passed around maternity clothes back and forth - so great.

    Clothes - seriously. They grow SO FAST the first 9 months. I mean if you want an outfit or two for pictures or whatever that's fine but don't go crazy in boutiques for something they'll only wear once or twice.

    What would you splurge on?
    Any food you want! Go for it.
    Anything that makes you more comfortable

    Glider chair - we bought a cheap one and it makes a ton of noises, should have splurged. Used it for nursing and rocking baby to sleep the first year.

    Bonus Q's:

    What was your "unicorn" pregnancy/baby item?
    My Solly baby wrap was magical, baby would fall asleep everytime she was in it. I'd put it on before I left the house and get to my destination and wrap her in it (perfect for Target or somewhere you walk around) and she would be out in minutes. Also great to go out and get a beer with friends!

    Were there any specific keepsake items you have come to cherish?
    Videos! Take lots of videos of those early months. We always think to take pictures but this day in age we have the luxury of videos too, and I love looking back and watching her movements and sounds and smiles - heart explosions! 

  • This is such an informative thread-thank you all!!  As a FTM, it's a bit overwhelming.  We are receiving a bunch of hand-me-down items from some good friends of ours.  I'll have to go through what they give us and fill in the rest on our registry.  
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  • @beezeemarie

    What did you love?

    Pregnancy: a body pillow, comfy lounge clothes

     Baby: Those swaddle me things that wrap baby up like a cocoon. A coffee cup carrier attachment for the stroller if it doesn't come with one.

     Also see splurges, below.

     What did you buy/receive that you would you skip this time around?

    Pregnancy: I can't really think of anything here.

     Baby: so many things. A bumbo chair. DD used the boppy pillow a couple times to lounge in, but it was not helpful for breastfeeding. A bouncer - I think you only need one of these types of things, whether it be a mamaroo, swing, etc. Jeans (DD had a pair in 0-3 months, which she never wore, and to this day at almost 3 has not worn a pair of real jeans). We also never used our pack n play - both sets of parents had them at their houses, so if you're traveling a lot that would be the exception.

     What would you save on (e.g. buy used or the choose the cheaper available option)?

    Pregnancy: Maternity clothes. I bought so much expensive stuff that I only wore a few times. Obviously, you need a couple of good staples. I found that with my style - I wear a lot of loose fitting tops and dresses, I was able to wear a lot of regular clothes through my entire pregnancy. Borrow from friends, and if you need to buy a lot of stuff, go cheaper - old navy is awesome for this.

     Baby: All the equipment - swings, rock n play, etc. I was such a snob about this with DD, I wanted everything brand new and in the right colors, etc., even though my best friend had her DD about 6 mos earlier and was willing to give us all her stuff. Take everything you can get - you have no idea what baby will like. DD really wasn't in to the swing, so buying new was a waste for us. Also, clothes!

     What would you splurge on?

    Pregnancy: these are more for mama after baby, but... good nursing bras, earth mama angel baby nipple butter, a nice diaper bag

     Baby: A good wrap for baby wearing (I had a solly wrap with DD which I loved) and Aden and anais muslin swaddle blankets

     Bonus Q's:

     What was your "unicorn" pregnancy/baby item? I bought so many cute little knit stuffed animals, dolls, etc. which cost outrageous amounts of money. Totally unnecessary, but I loved them, and still do.

     Were there any specific keepsake items you have come to cherish? The stuffed animals noted above.


  • @riverrainez

    This is going to be so different for everyone but here's mine.

     What did you love?

    Pregnancy: Snoogle

     Baby: Bamboo A&A muslin blankets (SO soft). Rocknplay. Swaddleme sacks with the velcro.

     What did you buy/receive that you would you skip this time around?

    Pregnancy: Books.

     Baby: Swing - we got a hand-me-down and it just took up space, used maybe twice. A fancy wrap - my son hated it and the Beco carrier was so much easier.  Shoes - just don't bother with shoes on an infant.

     What would you save on (e.g. buy used or the cheaper available)?

    Pregnancy: Maternity clothes

     Baby: Changing table. Packnplay. I got a fancy Euro brand packnplay that cost twice as much as the basic version and that was unnecessary.

     What would you splurge on?

    Pregnancy: Can't think of anything right now.

     Baby: A really comfy rocking chair for nursing -- so worth it. Two nursing pillows, one for the bedroom and one for the downstairs/living room. Diaper bag maybe? I hated mine and ended up not really using it, but maybe if I splurged on one that fit my style better I would have used it longer.

     Bonus Q's:

     What was your "unicorn" pregnancy/baby item? Wubbanub

     Were there any specific keepsake items you have come to cherish? Well, I got the presidential new baby greeting which I pasted in his baby book... won't be doing that this time around. Our real keepsakes are all the handmade blankets and sweaters we got from family.

  • edited May 2017


    So I've written this kind of thing up in the past for friends, so I'm just going to copy and paste - hope that's okay. These aren't affiliate links or anything (I'm not getting kickbacks or anything like that). But this is what I wrote up after DD was born, while it was fresh in my mind. Sorry it's so long, but I took a lot of time thinking it through a few years ago!

    FP Rock n Play - This thing was a lifesaver. She would sleep in it when she wouldn't sleep anywhere else. I would bring it into the bathroom while I was taking a shower so I could keep an eye on her. Same with the kitchen while cooking. It's light, folds up quick,  cheap (the one my coworkers got me was $40 at BRU) and vibrates (which is good for both sleep AND pooping – the things you learn!). Some people also use it in place of a bassinet. Necessity.
    Changing Pad Sheets – in theory, this sounded like a great idea. Who wants to be on a cold plastic thing in the middle of the winter to get their diaper changed? Until the first 10 times they pee on it. So not only do you have a baby lying in pee-drenched sheets, you then have to change her AND sheets. Extra laundry. Not necessary.
    Butt paste – Really is amazing. J And I’m still on the same tube that you gave us – so 7 months and still going strong. Necessity!
    Diapers – It’s all personal preference. People will swear by “their” brand. All I will say is that the wetness indicator is totally worth it. We use Pampers (but had been given Luvs and Hugs, which we used also) and being able to just look at the diaper and see whether or not she needs changing instead of smelling or opening it up – amazing. Yellow line – all clean! Blue line – needs changing! HOORAY.  I think Luvs had the line, but I felt like it smelled funny when mixed with urine. But it’s really your own preference. I just recommend one with the wetness indicator – makes life so much easier.
    Sophie the Giraffe – Yes, she’s expensive. Yes, she’s totally worth it. You don’t even need another teether. DD uses her pacifiers to chew on. Don’t get the squeaky ones, though, unless you want to listen to it. We don’t even give our dogs squeaky toys, so sorry, DD. You don’t get squeak toys either. Nice to have!
    Pacifiers – I can’t speak much for them. DD only chews on them, she doesn’t suck on them. She’s equal opportunity though – she loves chewing on all of them. Haha
    Monitor – this is the one we have, but I mean…I’m not married to it. The night vision isn’t that great. It’s nice to watch her during nap times, but honestly, the camera part isn’t totally necessary. Sometimes I can make out if she’s moving around at night, but usually I just use it for the audio part. That being said, I still check the monitor constantly. Probably because my hyper-crazy-self wants to make sure everything is okay in the room – I check that the door is still shut more (you know, make sure no boogie-men have come in to steal her from me) than I check to see HER. Again, nice to have, but not married to this particular one. It gets the job done.
    Diaper genie – People have mixed reviews about this thing. I personally love it. It definitely keeps the smell down and saves me a million trips up and down the stairs. My vote is yes.
    Calendar – *Friend* got us this and I honestly didn’t think I’d use it (I have an actual baby book for DD) but it’s actually worked out really well. I hung it in DD’s room so when I’m with her, I constantly see it and remember to write stuff down. It’s also got stickers to keep track of milestones. I’ll jot stuff down there and then go into detail into her baby book later on. Not a necessity, but more helpful than I would have thought.
    Swing – The babysitter has one, but we don’t. It was a lifesaver for her because it was the only place she would nap for awhile. But I purposefully didn’t buy one because I wanted there to be things about the sitter’s house that she liked that we didn’t have…so she could look forward to going there. We survived just fine without a swing.
    Bibs – you will get so many you will think “this is absurd, I will never use all of these.” You will think “oh man, I definitely don’t need any more bibs.”  Don’t listen to that voice. That voice is wrong, so wrong. There are big bibs, little bibs, bibs that fasten in the back and bibs that fasten on the side. There’s different neck sizes of bibs. There’s waterproof, stainproof…you need all of these bibs, as many as you can get. I do laundry 2-3 times a week of just bibs. This kid is a drooling machine. We go through 6-10 bibs a day, EASY when she’s in the height of teething. We just got these in hopes of finding a bib that doesn’t become completely drenched in 30 seconds. They’re worth it. We also got a set of waterproof/stainproof ones that are working well for feeding times. Waterproof are a dime a dozen – make sure it says stain proof or you’ll be getting a new one soon. Trust me.
    Drying Rack – Not necessary, but helpful because it stands the bottles and nipples up in a way that helps them dry faster than just laying them on a towel. Not a necessity, but really nice to have. I can get about 4-5 bottles (and all their various parts) at a time, which is plenty.
    Bumbo – Comes in SO handy. I mean, it’s nice to have a place to put her in that phase where she can’t fully sit by herself but still wants to be upright. But we use it for restaurants more than anything. She’s still not ready for most restaurant high chairs, but this lets her sit and play while we eat. And we can feed her while we eat. We’ve had so many people tell us they wish they’d have thought of bringing the bumbo out to eat (obviously do this with care, we always had her pushed up against a wall in between SO and I so she was going nowhere). They come in different sizes so be careful. I registered for the bigger kid one, so make sure it’s the smallest one first. I’m not sure we need the larger one. Not a necessity, but highly recommend!
    Boppy – I like my boppy. It has a vibrator that I’ve never used, but I still feed her a bottle using it at night. It’s worth it. Very nice to have!
    Bottles - Total preference (both you and the baby). These are the ones I like, but whichever one you pick, I have two pieces of advice. A) Make sure you understand the nipple system. There are different nipples for different stages in life (nobody told me this). As they get older, they will need nipples that have faster flows. B) Only get one set ready/opened. Sometimes babies don’t like the bottles we want them to. I have friends who went through nearly every type of bottle/nipple on the market before they found one their baby would take.
    Bottle Brush – Have never used it. Totally unnecessary. To clean the bottles on a daily basis, I put dishwashing liquid in the bottle with some hot water, close it back up, shake (through the nipples) and let dry. I boil the bottles once a week to really clean. Don’t get.
    Diaper Genie Travel Changer - A must have for traveling. Yes, gas stations and restaurants have changing stations (most of the time). But the pads that come in diaper bags aren't big enough and this thing holds diapers and wipes plus has a little pillow - so you don't have to lug the entire bag in. Just stick your wrist in the loop and you are free to hold baby. It's also just great for anywhere - outside, back of the car, etc. Necessity!
    Cart Cover – we registered for one, but didn’t get it and if you had asked me before this weekend, I would’ve told you it wasn’t a big deal.  Here’s the thing though – grocery shopping has this really complicated period. When they’re really little, your only real option is to put the entire car seat in the basket of the buggy. I mean, INSIDE. Not on top anywhere, because that’s really dangerous. So then you have no room for groceries but you make it work. When they get a little older, they start sitting up but they’re not very sturdy. So sitting in the seat part doesn’t really work. This is the stage DD is in right now. I was having to try and find people to watch her just so I could go to the grocery. Using this was the most pleasant trip I’ve had to the grocery in a long time. DD loved looking around and playing with a toy – this thing basically makes the seat part a play pen. She was great and I recommend. (My best friend had 4 so she sent me one, that’s why we have it. For the price, I say it’s worth it though, especially if you’re like me and will have to do a lot of shopping with the baby and no help).
    Car seat - you want an infant one that comes out of the car. Car seats confuse me (and still do - I'm not looking forward to having to research for the next step up). But I'll explain how ours works and hopefully that will give you a benchmark.  I originally wanted a convertible that I could keep through the infant months and into the toddler (save money). But I was talked out of it and they were right. For babies, it’s just so much easier to have the car seat you can take out. AND we only had to buy one car seat and then just get an extra base for the other car. I leave the car seat at the sitter’s and Brad picks it up when he gets her.
    Our jogging stroller:
    Our car seat:
    We bought two bases for the car seat, one for SO’s car and one for mine. The car seat also clicked into that jogging stroller for the early months, but now she can sit in the stroller by herself. So we didn’t have to get a newborn stroller and then another one. But the car seat clicks in and out of the base – so when I went to the store I didn’t have to get her out of her car seat if she was sleeping. I just took the entire car seat in with me so she could keep sleeping.
    Mirror – I would consider this a necessity, especially as a newborn. There were times I’d be driving down the road and notice that her hat had come down over her face and was covering her nose. And when you’re traveling it’s nice a) because you can turn the light on at night to check on them and b) I check constantly in the mornings after I drop her off at the sitter’s – JUST to make sure she’s not still back there. It’s my biggest fear that I’ll leave her in the car. Since I’m always looking in my rearview mirror anyway, I feel like it’s an extra precaution for knowing where she is (and that she’s NOT back there when I get to work)
    Pack and Play – We’ve used ours once. Haha. But I’d still get one. My parents have one at their house so we don’t take it there, but we’ll have to take it anywhere else we go, like the beach. I think it’s a nice thing to have in your back pocket, but I don’t think you need one with all the bells and whistles.
    Sleep Sacks/Swaddlers – Don’t OPEN more than one of these until you know for sure if your baby will USE them. We got a bunch because I heard nothing except how amazing they are. Sure, unless your child is a complete free spirit like DD. She hated it and would have nothing to do with it. Here’s to hoping that the next kid like being bundled up.  Register for a couple, but only wash one until you know for sure how they are.
    Bedding – We literally have nothing in or around the bed except the fitted sheet. No bumpers, nothing. She’s fine.
    Fitted sheets – we have two sets. We’ve been fine. At the most, get 3. But I do laundry once a week for sheets and just throw hers in with ours.
    Sound machine – Love, love, love this. It has songs or sounds (DD likes ocean). It’s also got a projector with different scenes (so it kind of can take the place of a mobile, which we don’t have).  When we’ve traveled, the projector also acts as a nightlight for when DD is staying in the same room as us. It gives us some light to move around (and nurse her), but keeps her asleep or something to watch if she wakes up. It’s ALSO got a timer on it. I’ll turn it on as I’m getting DD ready for bed, give her a bottle, put her in bed and put the timer on for 30 minutes. So 30 minutes later, it goes off without me even having to go into the room to do it. For the price, I think it’s great.
    Tub – I was told this was a waste, but if you have the space for it, it’s been so convenient. It has the mesh thing you can lay them in until they can sit up on their own, now she can sit up and play but it’s not the gigantic tub. We have a fairly large shower, so we put it in there. I’m going to start using the shower head thing for her soon. But it’s the perfect size until I’m ready to move her to the tub. Most people buy a mesh thing for the babies anyway. For the price, this one is fine. Just wash and dry the mesh thing often, or it starts to smell. I personally like it, but we have the room for it, so it’s really nice.
    Aveeno wash & lotion – You’re cleared to use it after 6 months. I love it. Smells good and if it does make her fall asleep easier, even better. But definitely not a necessity.  Just something I like J
    Nursing Tanks – You want at least a couple of these. I got a nursing bra, but I seriously never used it. I wasn’t that girl who did a lot of nursing in public. Okay, I didn’t really do any in public. (I’m not opposed to it, but I wasn’t comfortable with it). If I had to do it somewhere semi-public (like our car), I would put up a blanket instead. But the nursing tank was usually plenty enough convenience for me. The nursing tanks were great for the house though. I slept in them so when I had nighttime feedings, I just went in, unbuckled and was ready to go. They were plenty comfy.
    Nipple cream – Lifesaver. It took a few days for my pain to kick in, but I think this still helped the severity. It’s safe for baby, too. Necessity.
    Nipple pads – You’re going to leak. Some people use washable ones. I wish I would have tried them, but I had disposable ones.  Whatever kind you choose, you will need. I just wasn’t sure I was going to be up for any more laundry than I was already doing. (in hindsight, I could’ve totally handled it). If we go through this process again, I’ll get the washable ones. One of them is necessary, but you can make the call which one you want to try.
    Witch Hazel – Steal as many as you can from the hospital, but have some waiting at home too. This is not optional. This is not a “nice to have”. This is required. Your hoo-hah will thank you for it, trust me.
    Breast milk alcohol test – I thought I would use the crap out of these, but I really didn’t. Don’t waste the money on them. You probably won’t drink at first anyway and then when you start, you’ll figure out that if you wait so many hours, you’ll be fine. Baby will be fine. Not necessary.
    We are NOT big toy people. DD really doesn’t have many toys because we made it a point to tell people we didn’t want a house full of toys. She’ll be fine. That being said, these are some ones that we like.
    Playgym – DD loved this thing. It scared her when she was a newborn, but it was great for her learning to roll back and forth and keep her head up. Not a necessity, but fun.
    Gripper toys – My SIL gave us a football at Christmas and then I got this one at Target the other day. She loves it because it helps her figure out her fingers. They’re cheap, too J
    These things. They look dumb and you’re going to wonder wtf is my child going to do with these? They’re going to attach small toys to her car seat, entertain her in the high chair, give her something to chew on in restaurants, etc, etc, etc. They’re the best toy ever.
    Laugh and Learn. Warning, the songs are highly addictive. My coworker’s son is almost 3 and she still can sing along with me. BUT the legs come off so she can play on it on the floor and now that she’s learning to stand, she can stand up with them.  But she loves it, my nephew loves it, my coworker’s son STILL loves it…I’m all about toys with longevity. The longer she’ll use it, the better.
    Exersaucer – Ours is on loan from a friend in exchange for a toddler bike seat we randomly had. DD does love it, but I’m not sure we would have bought one. If you do get one, make sure it’s one that grows with her. My friend’s adjusts so as she grows, it grows with her. I can’t find the exact one, but this one says it grows up to 24 months. As soon as they are able to start holding their head up well, they can start using it. Really nice to have, but try to borrow one or something.

  • @ksf13

    What did you love?

    Pregnancy: Yoga pants lol. But apparently I shouldn't have skipped the pregnancy pillow the first time around. Definitely thinking I'll be ordering one ASAP.

     Baby: Boppy, Nose Frida, Coconut oil

     What did you buy/receive that you would you skip this time around?

    Pregnancy: Too many maternity clothes. I'll just get a few staple pieces this time around. I think a lot of my LuLaRoe is going to work through pregnancy (yay)

     Baby: Wipe warmer (I returned the one I was given with DD), changing table (we didn't have one with DD either),

     What would you save on (e.g. buy used or choose the cheaper available option)?

    Pregnancy: Maternity clothes for sure. Old Navy ALWAYS has a sale lol.

     Baby: Swings, bouncers, you can usually find them basically brand new on resale pages. Please don't buy a used carseat though!

     What would you splurge on?

    Pregnancy: I'm guessing a pregnancy pillow, which I didn't last time. By the time I NEEDED it, I was too far along to justify it in my mind lol.

     Baby: Carseat, Comfy nursing chair (we started out with a glider and ended up buying a nice recliner when DD was about a week old, it is the most comfortable chair ever lol), a nice baby carrier (loved our lillebaby with my daughter, but I have a feeling this baby will be worn way more!)

     Bonus Q's:

     What was your "unicorn" pregnancy/baby item? A nice camera! I didn't get mine until DD was 2, but I so wish I would have had it sooner.

     Were there any specific keepsake items you have come to cherish? Photos are what I cherish the most, thus the nice camera. 

  • @mamabear148-2

    What did you love?

    Pregnancy: maternity jeans, not the full panel type, the ones with elastic waistband. And a body pillow, or at least a second king sized pillow to put under the belly and in between the knees (thankfully dont need it yet)

     Baby: BOPPYYYY, and swing, and rock and play

     What did you buy/receive that you would you skip this time around?

    Pregnancy: I'm drawing a blank on this one at the moment...

     Baby: Bumbo seat, the zillion blankets you'll inevitably get as gifts,

     What would you save on (e.g. buy used or choose the cheaper available option)?

    Pregnancy: maternity clothes. I've learned to buy non maternity items that work w and wthout the bump (except maternity jeans and leggings, SO comfy and worth it)

     Baby: any gadget or contraption. A gently used swing, bouncer, rock and play, pack and play, etc is welcome in my book. They use it for such a short period of time anyways!

     What would you splurge on?

    Pregnancy: belly cream? FOOD!!!! yes. FOOD :)

     Baby: monitor, car seat, stroller, carrier, and diaper bag (AKA anything you will use on the regular and for an extended period of time)

     Bonus Q's:

     What was your "unicorn" pregnancy/baby item? My current stroller. Still love it 4+ yrs later

     Were there any specific keepsake items you have come to cherish? The monthaversary pictures I took of each of my girls. They can be a pain to keep up with, but looking back, it's totally worth it :)

     ETA: for vaginal delivery mammas: a peri bottle for rinsing and these amazing, comfortable, super absorbent pads

  • @joforyoga


    Pregnancy: body pillow! Wearing all my summer dresses with a pregnant belly:) Yoga pants

     What would I skip?

     Most of these items I did skip with my first pregnancy at the suggestion from other moms I knew and the others were gifts that I didn't think were necessary.

     Change table:  I attached the change pad to the top of the dresser, saving room in the bedroom and money in the bank I use the top drawer of the dresser to store all of the diapers and wipes etc.

     Baby bath: I had one but really it's not necessary. They are so wobbly and slippery in the bathtub anyway you're supporting their knock most of the time in the bath isn't that long so you could likely do this in small bin.  My son is almost a year and a half and he sits in a laundry basket simply to contain him and his bath toys clothes by him. 

     Baby shoes

    Too many newborn outfits: they really just need sleepers for a long time

    Highchair:  use the Bumbo seat until he was enough to set up better and then we put him in a booster seat that attached to one of our kitchen chairs which essentially is the same thing as sitting up high chair. Saved us a lot of space in our small kitchen

     What would you save money on?

     I buy all used clothes for my son. There are so many used clothing stores and thrift shops that have large children's actions. In addition, in my city there are three different Facebook pages typically designed for swapping and trading baby clothes . They were everything for such a short amount of time that it's totally not worth it to pay full price.

     Actually the only items that I paid full price for where his car seat and his stroller. For safety purposes obviously and also I walk for an hour or two every single day so I knew that I needed a really good quality stroller. Otherwise are used many of the same type of sources I mentioned above to get playpen, babybath, booster seat, swing, Bumbo chair, babybtoys etc.

  • @buttercream_frosting

    I haven't read responses yet but I want to play

     What did you love?

    Pregnancy: Food Hahahaha

     Baby: Moby wrap for baby wearing. Saved my life because LO was a velcro baby for a good 10months

     What did you buy/receive that you would you skip this time around?

    Pregnancy: Body maternity pillow - ridiculously huge. I found it better to use a couple normal pillows and tucked it where needed.

     Baby: Cot sized doona covers. I never used a doona for LO1 until he was older and by that stage we used a single bed.

     What would you save on (e.g. buy used or choose the cheaper available option)?

    Pregnancy: You can find lots of maternity friendly clothing at cheaper stores. Avoid the online stores that are purely maternity. They are expensive.

     Baby: Baby monitor, the cot (but get a new mattress if you are unsure), dresser

     What would you splurge on?

    Pregnancy: Good quality maternity bras. Get 100% cotton, and treat yourself to a pretty looking one as well.

     Baby: Good quality pram that's easy to pack and unpack. Highly recommend the Citi Mini GT.

     Bonus Q's:

     What was your "unicorn" pregnancy/baby item? Moby wrap, and woven wrap

     Were there any specific keepsake items you have come to cherish? I bought a keepsake item off ebay to make little hand and feet moulds and it's my favourite keepsake. Oh and don't let your DH throw out LO's tiny little hopsital bands. My heart still twinges that he threw them away.


  • @mandmplus1

    What did you love?

    Pregnancy: Bath seat. The last month I got winded standing in the shower so this time around I will be using a bath seat early and often.

     Baby: SwaddleMe Pods. Basically a swaddle that zips closed. It has no arm or leg holes and looks like a cocoon. I can't even believe I tried other things. This time around I'm just going to buy a bunch of these for sleeping.

     What did you buy/receive that you would you skip this time around?

    Pregnancy: Knitted baby blankets. I never used a single one. Other ones I had were much softer.

     Baby: Bumbo. I didn't use it. There is no point and you can't put it up high because its dangerous. I just used the swing, the bouncer, or even the high chair.

     What would you save on (e.g. buy used or choose the cheaper available option)?

    Pregnancy: I'd definitely buy used maternity clothes.

     Baby: I would never buy another bedding set. I was too terrified to use the bumper and never used the big bulky comforter that came with it. All you need are sheets and mattress protectors and I learned to layer the bed for quick changes in the night. Mattress protector, then sheet, then protector then sheet, etc for as many as I had clean and would fit. Then when he puked, peed, pooped or spit up on the sheets in the night I could just pull the top sheet and mattress pad off and keep it moving.

    I'd also buy used kids clothes. They grow so fast.

     What would you splurge on?

    Pregnancy: It doesn't have to be expensive but I'd go on lots of dates before baby.

     Baby: A good stroller. I'd recommend actually trying them out.  We had a Britax B Agile which I loved.

     Bonus Q's:

     What was your "unicorn" pregnancy/baby item? I really wanted an Ergo and I also bought the infant insert. I used the heck out of it.

     Were there any specific keepsake items you have come to cherish? Pictures and videos. 

  • @ssmama34217

    What did you love?

    Pregnancy: I am joining the others who recommended the Snoogle. It's awesome. I even traveled with it!

     Baby: The Boppy pillow was a life saver. We had 2 covers in case one was smelly or if baby spit up all over it. (Btw the waterproof cover doesn't really work. Pillow still smells like milk.)

     What did you buy/receive that you would you skip this time around?

    Pregnancy: Any scented belly creams. I can only do unscented (Cetaphil cream in the tub is my fave.)

     Baby: any sort of fancy outfits, shoes with any purpose other than warmth

     What would you save on (e.g. buy used or choose the cheaper available option)?

    Pregnancy: clothes

     Baby: If we get any more big equipment (like a swing), we'll look at used first for sure. Or maybe borrow something to try before you buy.

     What would you splurge on?

    Pregnancy: nothing

     Baby: A high quality rocker. We actually splurged and got a pillowy Lazyboy recliner for the nursery. It was the best decision we made in preparing for first baby's arrival.

     Bonus Q's:

     What was your "unicorn" pregnancy/baby item?

    I have several: Two books (Healthy sleep habits happy child & Solve your child's sleep problems), swaddles, the Magic Merlin suit to transition out of the swaddles, white noise machine

     Were there any specific keepsake items you have come to cherish? A real, handwritten baby book

  • @kmornelas29

    What did you love?

    Pregnancy: maternity skinny jeans and leggings

     Baby: those long nightgowns with the bands on the bottom. For a newborn, they were a lifesaver for middle of the night diaper changes. Plus, it almost acted as a double swaddle since it holds them in tight.

     What did you buy/receive that you would you skip this time around?

    Pregnancy: nothing.

     Baby: bumbo seat and swing. She hated both and we never used them. Space taker! I would suggest keeping the tags on the swing, so it can be returned if need be. Not all babies like the same thing.

     What would you save on (e.g. buy used or choose the cheaper available option)?

    Pregnancy: nothing.

     Baby: possibly, pack n play? I don't think getting a brand new one was necessary for us. We used the changing station on it more so than the actual play area. It was only useful a handful of times.

     What would you splurge on?

    Pregnancy: prenatal massages. Those were heaven as I got bigger.

     Baby: a&d ointment! I used it every diaper change and she never once had diaper rash. Also, baby carrier. Loved it! So did she. Lots of white snap shirts! So much easier than bottom snaps! Especially when spit up is happening a lot in the beginning. Diaper Jeannie!!!!!!!

     Bonus Q's:

     What was your "unicorn" pregnancy/baby item?

     a regular pillow for nursing! I used it so much! I didn't like the boppy for nursing. Ice pack trays for making baby food. It was so much better tasting and so easy to do! 

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