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Weaning, what to feed??

HI all,

I have read but not posted on this board before.  I have a 10 month old who recently seems to be refusing breastfeeding and I have to pump, but my supply has drastically reduced to the point I don't think I'll last much longer. It may sound weird but I think I am kind of grieving over this. Anyone else? 

D's goes to daycare 3 days a week and has taken 3 bottles, lately about 6-7 ounces each. In the last few months they have been supplemented with formula. Since my supply is running out idont have freezer bags or extra so his bottles are becoming more and more formula. It's hit or miss if he will drink some or all of them. He also has breakfast and lunch and dinner foods, some puree and some bites of our food.

I am worried he's not eating enough. I don't know how to tell because he won't breastfeed at all our usual times, and sometimes won't drink his bottles. Lately he has not been interested in his homemade purees which are many mixtures of fruits and vegetables. Seems he wants more flavor or texture but giving him exactly what we eat doesn't seem to always work either. I guess my question is, what are you feeding your kid and how often? How much milk (formula or breast?) 
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Re: Weaning, what to feed??

  • I totally understand mourning the bf relationship. We unexpectedly got pregnant again and my supply has become all but non existent. Try explaining that to a 9m old, oye. We started formula supplementation this month. As soon as she started formula she started eating way more solids. In the morning she has 4 oz of formula, 4 oz of jar/pouch baby food, and freeze dried yogurt bites (between waking and first nap). After her nap, we do another 4 oz bottle, a protein (she loves organic hot dogs smashed up, keifer, and Greek yogurt) and a smoothie (blended fruit and veg with juice) then nap 2. Again, when she wakes she gets 4 oz and dinner (usually what we are having but simplified and mashed for her). Finally she takes almost 8 oz before she goes to sleep (4 oz donor milk, 4 oz formula).

    She is a small, light kiddo but she eats like a champion. She used to nurse all day long even when I had ample supply. When she wasn't gaining weight I started adding melted fats or olive oil to her purees and smoothies. That helped a lot. She loves salmon and she can mash it up enough in her gums. Hot dogs are a huge hit. We peel em and smash them with a fork and she self feeds. I find she is way more interested in food if she can self feed. Can he use a straw? That opened our options a lot too. 
  • By 7.5 months my now almost 11-month old was almost done. It was so sad. I still can't even really think about it. She would cry at the breast bc not enough was coming out. She gets 4-6 oz of formula when she wakes up, then 3-4oz of oatmeal/apple sauce in a pouch. For lunch she eats finger foods like cut up sweet potatoes, pees, green beans, bananas, mango, avocodo, eggs, and later another one of the Stage 3 pouches. 4oz mid morning, 6 oz mid afternoon, 4-6 oz before bed and after dinner (which is similar to lunch).

    She is very independent and doesn't want us to feed her or give her a bottle (been that way since she was 4 months). Switched entirely to formula by 7-8 months :( But she's happy and healthy. We give her other table food that she can eat...She doesn't have one tooth. Like grilled cheese, pasta, etc. but she eats mostly veggies and gets her protein through formula and pouches.
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