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Backache relief

Hi lovely ladies!
im 21 weeks pregnant with my first and i have been having horrible backache for the last couple of days.Any ideas as to how to relieve it?
also im new to this wishes for u all!

Re: Backache relief

  • Use a heating pad for a few minutes or a warm bath with epsom salt. Drink a lot of water if you use the epsom. Prenatal massage is awesome if that's an option for you!
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  • We have a massage chair thing that you just put in a recliner and relax. It works wonders. You can find them on amazon.
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  • I ended up having a tilted sacrum, so I'm seeing a chiropractor now. It also seems to be helping to use bigger pillows between my legs when I sleep.
    Is it upper or lower back pain? Mine was lower and my hips.
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  • Consider a cold wrap.  All the changes could be causing inflammation.  I couldn't use heat at all, effected blood pressure and really only felt nice at the time.  I worked at a desk all day and once I got the back wrap I was able to manage so much more.  It did wonders.  Worth a look into, you still have quite a few weeks to go. -

  • Thanks for the tips ladies.
    Using a heating pad does help quite a bit.
    I seem to be getting leg cramps now which cud b really annoying! My ob/gyn put me on progesterone cuz of an irritable uterus.I guess that sorta helped with the backache too.

  • With leg cramps, be sure to stay well hydrated as well.  I reduced drinking water in evening because I would pee so much over night and thats when leg cramps started.  Would rather get up and pee than get up in agony.
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