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Postpartum Symptoms & Fun: 4/3


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  • @kelizr so sorry to hear about your stitches and the potential for surgery. Will keep you in my prayers.
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  • serenity13serenity13 member
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    @jenny0228 woke up last night around 2 to feed DS & was covered in sweat (and some milk) for the first time. I was only wearing a nursing bra & shorts over my big girl diaper & I've been sleeping with a towel under me to catch any potential leaking fluids. And I thought sleeping while being pregnant was bad...

    @kelizr oh my goodness that sounds so painful I'm so sorry you're dealing with that! I have stitches from an episiotomy & can feel pain a lot of the time - do you think your stitches popped on their own randomly or during something like a BM or while showering? Hope the pain isn't too bad & that you'll be able to heal asap and not need any surgery down the road!

    @shines721 at least there's a positive in there but I'm sorry about all the negative news- hoping this time won't be as bad for you & that you'll be able to get through it quickly!

    @RunBooRun yes they did use a catheter a couple times while I was in labor, thanks for bringing that up! I forgot the nurse mentioned to me that leaking/incontinence could be a side effect of that for a bit after so hopefully it'll get better- no accidents yesterday so that's a positive haha
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  • @kelizr oh no!! I'm so sorry to hear that you popped stitches. Although good thing you went with your gut and got seen. Hopefully at least the uncomfortableness/soreness goes away soon! 
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  • @Ivorytower2 the sweats are definitely ramping up now that I'm 11 days PP but good to hear they taper off at some point! It's alarming but yeah getting rid of extra fluid is a welcome thing!!  ;)
  • @serenity13 Not a clue! She said it can just happen randomly. :(

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  • serenity13serenity13 member
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    Did anyone else get a bunch of freckles on your tummy after delivering your LO? I have a lot of freckles esp on my arms, but never had many at all on my stomach. Each day as my belly gets a little smaller now I'm noticing more & more freckles and it's so weird! I thought you only could get them from the sun? 
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  • Not personally/-but I know with hormones it's normal for moles and freckles to darken! So they've probably been there -just got more noticeable! 
  • I annoyingly get minuscule skin tags whenever I'm pregnant ... at spots I don't think had anything before. Last time I have a dermatologist freeze them off mid pregnancy.. hoping to maybe get it done again. 
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  • @shines721 I got a bunch of tiny skin tags.  I have a few I definitely want off af some point.

    On the topic of weird PP skin I have oodles of horrible tiny bumps/chicken skin on my upper arms.  I haven't had anything like this since I was a teen.  Blaming hormones & I have been super dry.  This is annoying and gross going in to T-shirt weather!

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  • I got skin tags too! What a freakin weird symptom?! Glad to hear they can just be frozen off!

    I have always had the tiny bumps on my upper arms but it has gotten MUCH worse with pregnancy and delivery! I hate it!

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  • i got some tiny skin tags that i ripped off lol also, with each pregnancy i got one more distinct freckle. one on my foot and one on my belly that have been affectionately named after the corresponding child haha
  • I got a few skin tags too and more freckles. Skin tags have become less noticeable since delivery just in the 2.5 weeks, but freckles look here to stay. Not excited about one freckle on my face that has now either enlarged or just become more prominent and joined with another to create a giant freckle. So unfair. I should make a derm appt today. 
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