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satuttle1014satuttle1014 member
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I don't know what I am having yet, won't find out until 4/18 at my anatomy scan. We have 3 names for boy and 2 girl names picked out. This name has been my favorite since I was little but it is an alliteration with my last name which many do not like. I am asking about middle names, not the opinion of the 1st name. Last name sounds like "cuddle" but with a T.

If you had to pick a middle name which one would you? Any other middle name choices are appreciated too. The other girl name we are playing around with is Felicity Wren and DD is Corianne Wynter.
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Help with Middle Name 39 votes

Taryn Felicity T
33% 13 votes
Taryn Michaela T
2% 1 vote
Taryn Virginia T
0% 0 votes
Taryn Delilah T
5% 2 votes
Taryn Evania T (pronounced ee-vahn-ee-ah)
2% 1 vote
Taryn Michelle T
17% 7 votes
Taryn Renee T
25% 10 votes
Taryn Breanna T (way I like pronounced bree-on-ah)
0% 0 votes
Taryn Cecelia T
12% 5 votes
Taryn Jacqueline T
0% 0 votes

Re: Help with Middle Name

  • I voted Cecilia but also like Felicity 
  • I actually like Felicity Wren better than all of these.
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  • I think Felicity Wren is lovely!
  • FakeFinnFakeFinn member
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    I'm with @mrs_tacos, IMHO none of the options come close to Felicity Wren.

    ETA: Alliteration doesn't have to be a big deal, but I'm not a fan of Taryn T (rhymes with Cuddle).
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  • I voted Taryn Felicity but absolutely love Felicity Wren!  Other ideas:

    Taryn Amanda
    Taryn Annabelle 
    Taryn Beatrice
    Taryn Caroline
    Taryn Cynthia 
    Taryn Emily
    Taryn Grace
    Taryn Harper
    Taryn Helga
    Taryn Ivy
    Taryn Justina
    Taryn Lorelei
    Taryn Lori
    Taryn Lucy 
    Taryn Mckenzie 
    Taryn Mila
    Taryn Olivia 
    Taryn Penelope 
    Taryn Suzanna 
    Taryn Veronica 
    Taryn Yvonne
  • Thanks @JMU_Bride09 for the suggestions.
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  • I think Felicity Wren flows better with Corianne Wynter. And I also don't mind alliteration, but Taryn with your last name just doesn't do it for me. 
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