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I came across this name and it's growing on me....but it seems to have two different pronunciations.  Kez-eye-ah and Kez-ee-ah.  I prefer it spelled with an H, I am wondering if with or without the H lean towards one pronunciation or another?  Would having two different pronunciations for a name you really like deter you from considering that name?  

Re: Kezia/h

  • Is this name for a boy or a girl? It's really NMS at all, it honestly sounds made up, but I guess I would prefer the kez-eye-ah pronunciation. 

  • It's biblical, one of Job's daughters in the old testament spelled Keziah.  I believe the name comes from: cassia (cinnamon) spice tree which is pronounced cass-ia.  I know of two women with this name one with the H and one without.  They each pronounce their name differently :)
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  • Honestly? If you're not super Jewish, I'd think you were trying to make Kesha more "unique" . 

    Not all biblical names work in the modern day.
  • Upon reading I would say Keh-zeye-ah (the first e as a short e). I wouldn't let different pronunciations deter me from using a name. Keziah is NMS. I agree with pps that it looks made up. Are there any other (Biblical) names that you like?
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  • I would go with Kez-ee-ah.   Not my style but who cares if it sounds made up. It's not a made-up name it's a legitimate biblical name so go for it if you like it 
  • I love Cassia though. 
  • I would use Keziah as that appears to be the spelling used in the Bible; I would pronounce both as kez-eye-uh.  If I truly loved a name, I wouldn't let possible different pronunciations deter me from using it.
  • My first guess would have been kee-zee-uh. I wouldn't pick a name that will lead to a lot of pronunciation and spelling errors, and I think this would.
  • I work with a Kezia and she pronounces it key-zee-ah. I think it's a great name.
  • leighry said:
    I work with a Kezia and she pronounces it key-zee-ah. I think it's a great name.
    I also know a "key-zee-ah" spelled Kezia. She's not Jewish (she's black Caribbean). I always thought it was a cool name, but didn't know where it came from. 
  • The only one I know spells it Kezia and pronounces it "kee-zah" (2 syllables). She actually always got really offended when people said "key-zee-ah," which was always how I thought it was supposed to be pronounced.
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  • I have two friends named Kezia and they both pronounce it differently. I believe Kez-eye-ah is more Jewish sounding and closer to the actual translation, but Kez-ee-ah sound prettier to me. I have always loved that name!
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  • I would pronounce Kezia as Key-zsa (kind of a j sound like Zsa Zsa Gabor). And anything -iah comes off as boy, IMHO. I just feel like a name like this would be difficult for the person wearing it.
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  • I think it's pretty with an 'h' and I would pronounce Kez-eye -ah. I know a spunky little girl with this name.  
  • I will say that it's one of those names that no one is ever sure how to pronounce or spell and the little girl has to explain it a lot. 
  • I would pronounce it Kez-ee-ah. But I'm with @mrsdaniel315 that your daughter will have to constantly explain her name. I wouldn't make that choice. 
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