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Symptoms 3/20

Team Green turned Pink!
Samantha - 4/5/2017

Re: Symptoms 3/20

  • I'm basically fire breathing dragon status with this reflux. Then extreme back pain every morning because of how many pillows I have to prop up on to sleep basically upright. Lol.
  • Braxton Hicks daily, still dealing with high bp :(, heartburn/nausea esp at night, and I second @Ivorytower2 with the back pain due to the way I'm laying at night/during the day. 
  • So much heartburn last night. Had to sleep propped up and had the worst time falling back to sleep.
    Team Green turned Pink!
    Samantha - 4/5/2017

  • I am 41 weeks 1 day. I am a miserable bitch. I'm super moody, exhausted and sore. The pelvic pain is so bad I can barely walk. Gassy and very nauseous.  I just need this to be over so I can go back to being able to play with my son! 
  • Not sure if I should put this here or in appointments but it seems many of us are still pregnant. So I visited with my midwife yesterday due to my higher blood pressure and spotty vision the day before. She checked me again and did a membrane sweep (in my opinion it's all uncomfortable but didn't hurt), also encouraged DH to have sex. She ran some more labwork to check my brain and luckily I believe it all came back okay. I am dilated to 1.5 cm and 80% effaced (up from 1 cm and 70% the 6 days before-not much but I guess at least my body is doing something in the right direction, right?). She ordered an induction for Monday morning, it was all I could do not to cry. I know I have to do what's best for me and baby but I really want him to come on his own. My mom keeps reminding me that high bp is hard on my brain, liver, and kidneys and it's not good to keep dealing with it, if he can safely come out. I'm just praying he comes on his own before Monday or I'll at least be more dilated on Monday when they start. It's all making me very emotional. 
  • @RunBooRun I totally get you on the heartburn! I've been sleeping with about 5-6 pillows every night three alone to prop up my head due to the acid reflux, ugh!  Sometimes I have sat all the way and just cried. If DH hears me he'll rub my back that will calm me enough to help me sleep some. 
  • @ashley14598 I'm sorry to hear the induction schedule wasn't what you wanted to hear. I totally understand how it can be disappointing, I'm scheduled for induction Wednesday next week. There is still time for our bodies to do their thing! It's so hard but try to stay positive! I'm over here trying to do the same, although I am also pretty emotional about it. 

  • @jenny0228 I'm sorry you're having a tough time too! I just never imagined this is how my pregnancy would go funny how I think I am in control of some things I suppose. I just keep trying to think of my baby and I'll be meeting him in the next 5-6 days :smile: I'll be starting to drink the RRL tea today, I have been sitting on my exercise ball, DH and I tried the shuffle yesterday and will again today, I never thought I'd go to these measures but... come on babies! 
  • @ashley14598 hang in there! I keep thinking the same thing - there is an end in sight!  :)
  • @ashley14598- Please don't fear an induction if it happens to go that way. I'm a FTM and was on the fence about it as well. I was induced at 39+2 due to mild hypertension which my OB thinks is actually chronic. It was so nice to have time to get our affairs in order, drop the dogs off at DH's mom's house, and grab a light breakfast on the way to the hospital. I was 2 cm and 80% effaced so they didn't do any cervical ripening and started the pit super low (at 2). Forty five mins after staring pit my water broke on its own and a little more than 6 hrs after starting the induction process my daughter was born. Your body is already preparing for this LOs arrival so trust that the induction will go smoothly and try to stay positive and relaxed about it. I truly believe my mentality was a big part of my successful induction. Something I learned in my childbirthing class was to keep your jaw relaxed during contractions as the jaw is linked to the pelvis (sounds silly I know) and use low sounds to get through them. Not sure about your thoughts on pain management but I also got an epidural which helped my body push past the pain and let things progress. Good luck to you! 
  • @CoconutKisses21 thank you so much for the encouragement and positive story! It really does help! I actually lost my mucus plug this afternoon (I know that means that it could still be weeks away for natural delivery) but I'm hopeful that means my body is continuing to get ready for labor. I'll definitely keep in mind to stay relaxed and I do plan on getting an epidural. Our hospital makes us meet with the anesthesiologist if we are considering an epidural so we can learn all about the process/risks and they also don't allow us to get it until we are 4-5 cm dilated so I'll definitely be using all the breathing and relaxing techniques I can until then. 
  • @ashley14598 - That's great about your mucus plug! I lost pieces of mine the day before my induction and when they had us hooked up to the fetal monitor I was having regular mild contractions (about 5 mins apart). It sounds like you are all systems go and maybe it will even happen this weekend!

    Take time for yourself and enjoy these last few days with just you and SO. Do something to treat yourself and enjoy those last belly kicks  <3 Please keep us updated! 
  • @CoconutKisses21 oh wow! That's good to hear, it's making me feel better knowing that my body is doing so much work on it's own to prepare for this. Our bodies are so awesome! I'll be sure to keep you guys updated thanks again! 
  • @ashley14598 hey there, just chiming in with another really positive induction story. I was induced this week due to my water breaking and I was 0 centimeters dialated. They started pitocin and every time they upped it contractions would space out and they'd have to up it again. It ended up at 14 and about 9 hours in before I had really steady and somewhat painful contraction. Once I felt pretty bad pain, I got the epidural and then was checked at a 4. Went from 4 to fully ready to push in less than 90 minutes after the epi, and only pushed for 20 mins.

    wish I had trusted my body more and not been so scared going in. I know it's scary, but try to think positively and trust your body!
  • @Ivorytower2 thanks for the encouragement I really appreciate all the support and positive vibes! Congrats on your new little one! 
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