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  • @poetryandoceans not overly dramatic, but still somewhat entertaining... N17 HDBD thread
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  • That's why it's somewhat entertaining. There are some girls who were quick to tell them it's just bloat lol
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  • I know!! I fully believe they are just AWing their flat stomachs... sigh maybe someone should tell them to get more pics so they can reflect on them someday while they are flapping extra skin around lol
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  • Not a bad idea. I was just saying to my husband that, while I'm glad I got a maternity shoot done, part of me wished I'd gotten some nice photos of me before pregnancy claimed my body. I've added 6 inches to my jeans sizing, and I dunno if I'm getting that pre-pregnancy body back. Baby's exit changed my hips permanently, I think. Snap those photos while you can, ladies, it's all downhill from here!

  • Honestly, unless you had super narrow hips before, you might get back to your old shape. It might take f-o-r-e-v-e-r... but it could happen. After my first, I completely gave up hopes of having a decent body, but then I had number 2 and she had me having the worst food aversions ever so I ate super healthy during pregnancy that I kept it up after, and about 1 yeae after I had her, I could fit back into my highschool clothes!! (I was 22 when I had her, and I've always had hips and booty). I never got my stomach 100% back, but it was good enough for me considering how big it stretches out. So it's still possible!! I have been saying for years I want to get in super great shape (easier said than done) and take pictures just so when I'm old and gray, I can be like look what a hottie grandma was lol
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  • I had no hips to speak of before, so I think some things have just changed for good. And I'm not too broken up about it, just recognizing that, and wishing I'd taken some pics beforehand...

  • FYI to anyone formula feeding: Target has a $20 gift card on $75 purchase going on right now. 
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