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Cost of Childcare

Where are you from and how much do you pay per week for childcare?

I'm from North Jersey and paying $235 a week for the little one at a learning center (M-F).

Just curious about the average cost around the board.

Re: Cost of Childcare

  • In Chicago it's about $500 per week. 
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  • In Minnesota, Twin Cities suburbs, daycare centers are around $300-400 average, I believe. We're lucky enough to have our moms as childcare, but my good friend just got done checking them out for her kiddo due next week. 
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  • In Virginia and we pay about $230 a week. It drops to $180 a week when he is 2 yrs old.
  • Holy shit ladies. I'm paying $171 a week for 4 full days. I thought we were paying a lot but I guess not! I'm in northeast Indiana. When this baby comes we will be paying $332 a week for 4 days a week.  I'd love to have a third baby but I don't think I can justify like $23k a year for childcare til DS goes to KG.

    $500 a week in Chicago makes my butthole hurt! Lol

    while I complain about the cost I'd never
    send him anyplace else.
  • We are in Colorado. We pay $640 a week for my 4 year old and 17 month old...
  • Upstate NY - $175 a week at an in-home daycare - includes food and formula (we breastfed so didn't use this).  She is part of the states program as a licensed daycare so she gets money for food/etc.  Mothers at the daycare all alternate on purchasing bulk wipes so it helps with relieving the constant purchase.  I think we are the exception on price though, my sister pays about $220 a week for her daycare (unlicensed in-home).

  • $116 for 3 days/wk. It will go down to $100 in 6 months when he turns 2 though. This covers 630a- 6p, 2 meals plus snack and drinks. I breastfed when he was an infant but it would have covered formula too if we had used it.
  • $265/week for 5 days 8am-5pm in Central IL. Includes lunch, milk, and two snacks. It's a Child Development Lab on a college campus, so it's top of the line everything.
  • I'm a sahm in NJ and the preschool I used to work at was $1,200 a month for this age group 
  • We are in Colorado. We pay $640 a week for my 4 year old and 17 month old...
    Oh my, this honestly hurt me to even read! I'm sorry it's so expensive!!!! 
  • 110 per week south tx. 
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