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  • Need new bottles because they discontinued my old ones and I threw away all the nipples from first kid. Cheaper to buy new bottles then the nipples for the old ones. Then we need a new changing pad and mattress but that's really all we need now. I did buy the baby jogger city select double. 
  • Boba or Moby? I'm thinking I'll get one of each. The moby may be better as a thinner fabric in the summer months?

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  • @Sugargirl1019

    I had the Boba and ended up returning it. It is definitely a thicker fabric and made DS super sweaty to be in it for too long, especially outdoors. Also, I'm a thin frame 5'8" and 120 lbs. and it was way too much fabric for me. It was a pain because I had to wrap it around so many times to shorten it, that I think contributed to making it even hotter for us both. Some like it but didn't work for me! 
  • I'm a STM and my must haves are...
    Graco 4 ever Carseat- Expensive but so nice that it grows with your child.
    NoseFrida- seriously the grossest thing you'll ever love.
    Soothie pacifiers- only ones DS liked
    Medela Pump in Style Breast Pump- loved how easy and quick it makes pumping.
    Lansinoh Disposable Breast Pads- most natural looking under shirt.
    Sound machine

    This time around I want a double stroller, a co-sleeper, and a traditional swing (we have the mama-roo and DS hated it)

  • I had the boba last time and am contemplating getting a ring sling this time around. Does anyone have experience with these?? Any recommendation? 
  • @lap018 ring slings are awesome. Easy to get baby in and out of, plus the stretchy wraps are ungodly hot in the summer and as baby grows they just aren't as safe. You can even wear a toddler in the right ring sling. I have a tehkni ring sling that I bought used off a swap site and it looks brand new. Love it. Good prices on new ring slings at Etsy from seller Sleeping Baby Productions. Get something better than a maya sling and start with a gathered shoulder, because they fit everyone.
  • tiki8286tiki8286
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    As a STM+, I couldn't live without:
    -BreastFriend pillow for feeding (straps onto you so no neee to re-adjust or have the pillow fall when baby is feeding)
    -Nose Frida 
    -moby wrap/Sakura bloom ring sling/Tula standard carrier.

    for other moms- what's the DocTot for? Wasn't really around when I had my kids so I'm a little lost. 
  • @tiki8286 most use the dockatot for co sleeping. It puts the baby in its own little space and the fabric is breathable. 
  • I love baby wearing too. Ive a moby wrap from my last babies and a mai tei. 
    I've a bugaboo bee 3 with bassinet (never used the bassinet so its still in the box) 
    I'm breast feeding so I'll be investing in a good bra and a decent pillow. 
    I was a co sleeper crib as I co slept with my other children. 
    I've some bambino mio  reusable nappies and I'm just going to grab a few more covers and boosters closer to when baby gets here. 
  • @bassoondiva The A&A muslin blankets are totally worth it.  I think we have four, and the uses are endless.  Swaddling, a light blanket, blocking the sun while out with the stroller, emergency changing pad when you're out on errands.. they're awesome.  The size is really what makes them so great, too.  I know there are some brands out there that have similar sizes, but most are smaller.  They get really really soft after they've been washed a lot, too.  

    For the Rock N Play, please do your research before getting one.  From what I've read (I never had one due to having a small space when DS was born), there are safety concerns with extended use/ overnight sleeping.  I'm by no means saying it is the devil, just that it is probably better suited for supervised use.  

    Pack N Play was a must for us (we travel a decent amount), plus I also just kept it in the family room so I had someplace safe to put DS down when I needed to use the bathroom, make lunch, etc.
    Tommee Tippee bottles have a great vent in the side of the nipple, and helped prevent really bad gas.  We tried other brands, but the venting systems didn't work as well for us.  
    Graco frame stroller is awesome, especially when you don't have to take the big stroller the infant car seat attaches to everywhere.  
    Sleep sacks for when they're tiny and can't have blankets in the crib.  

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  • @lap018 So I didn't use a ring sling with my first two (I bought a Solly wrap last time and loooooved it!) but I want something new this time around and have been eyeing some ring slings from Lily and Mama Market on Etsy and also Wildbird--I have friends that have loved both and their prices are super reasonable. And Sakura Bloom slings are beeeeautiful if you've got the money but they're more than I think I want to spend!
  • Its really hard to say what is a must and what was a waste. All babies are different.
    I had a really colicky baby so some of my MUST haves were related to surviving that.
    For me a life saver was our swing- we bought  a cheapie used one that conked out pretty early- I literally called me husband at work, told him he needed to boot it to sears who put one aside for me and be home with  it set up before nap time.

    I used a moby wrap early on and loved it. I moved from Moby to an Ergo which worked well for both myself and my husband. If I could do it all over I would have got a Tula but I like the ergo well enough that I am not going to reinvest.

    A good breastpump was also key, I have the Medela pump in Style- worth every damn penny.

    Lanolin was also a life saver- I tried other creams and nothing worked like lanolin- when you are new to BF'ing your boobs already  hurt enough- just go for the good stuff.

    For Bottles- every babe takes to them differently, we liked munchkin latch the best.

    For breastpads I used Bamboobies reusable once my supply went to a normal level and I wasnt a milk fountain but mostly I used disposables and was just fine with them.

    I agree with the comments about things for yourself. You dont walk out of the hospital the size you were pre-baby. Its takes months, at least while  some people never go back to their old size and thats totally ok. Be kind to yourself and dont punish yourself- get some clothes that fit and are comfortable while you are in the transition stage. You just made a baby and are now keeping it alive and well- you've earned those comfy yoga pants.

    I am debating if I want a double stroller with this baby, I think I am going to keep an eye out for a good second hand one.
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  • @Souptin We're debating the double stroller as well.  We truthfully don't have a car big enough for one anyway, so I'm hard pressed to find a reason to get one.  DS will be just under 2 when this baby is born, and I'm hoping we can get away without it.

    DS1: Born 11.18.15
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  • @ColoradoHiker thanks so much!!!  Consider it added to my registry !
  • Has anyone used the Spectra pump or the Kiinde breast milk storage system.  
  • Our swing was a lifesaver! Once DD was introduced to it she hated her basinet so that's where she slept until she transitioned to her crib at 5 weeks. 
    I loved our boppy, DH used it every time he would feed her and it was the most adorable thing ever, he'd prop her up and hold her bottle with one hand and would find a baby brush and brush her hair while she ate! It also got lots of use when she was starting to sit up but didn't have a lot of body control.
    I couldn't have lived without my breast pump. DD was jaundiced so we were constantly having to keep up with how much she ate so pumping made it a lot easier to track. 

  • Nose Frida was awesome. 

    Loved A&A swaddles, size, breathability, and softness for the win. We never really actually swaddled, but used them loosely when we'd hold him and for a million other purposes. Also the only thing I used as a nursing cover until I got comfortable and stopped bothering. 

    Nursing, I had the Dr. Brown pillow that is angle to prevent reflux but only used it 5-7 times? It ended up being more hassle than help. I have a wool allergy and can't do lanolin. So for the first few weeks I had Boob Ease nipple cream and it was fantastic. I used their nursing pads but had a hell of a time getting them to lay flat. Oh! Lanitosh has reusable packs that you can freeze or heat. These were AWESOME when my milk came in and the two times I had mastitis. Awesome. 

    I'm a runner so a Bob stroller was a must for me. Definitely planning to get a double. 

    Wubanubs are ADORABLE but I'm basically the only pacifier DS has ever used. 

    Baby wearing, I tried a K'Tan but the sizing on the breathable one just didn't work for me. I tried a Moby but had trouble with the bulk and getting used to wrapping. Tried a Mei Tai and it wasn't supportive enough for me. The Ergo Performance wasn't agreeing with my back. I could master righting the Maya Ring Sling I got. I found the Lilliebaby with mesh and baby wearing finally worked for us. I LOVED it, DS loved it. If you can go to a class/group I say go for it and find what works for you and baby.

    We bought a baby tub but ended up finding showering with DS to be easier. 

    Sleep sacks weren't big for us as DS ran warm just like mama. He only ever really needed PJ's. 

    I had plans on DS being in his crib in the nursery by 6 months. He will be 28 months in the 19th and we still bed share  :D Neither DH or I was expecting that. We had an arms reach co-sleeper set up and it was just easier and nicer having him in the bed. I did end up learning to fold an extra flat sheet on my half with a pad under the first one and extra one for quick MOTN accident clean up. 

    Never used a swing but after DS started standing and wanted to jump ALL THE TIME, we got him a jumperoo. Used the playpen twice maybe? Might use it more this time around though. 

    Oh! Totally hated onesies for awhile. Pulling a top over babies head was intimidating for awhile. Side snap or full snap pieces are great. 

    We didn't have much of a spitter or vomiter so the Gerber cloth diaper flats worked fine for us. 

    LOVE Grandma El's diaper cream. And while expensive, Bambo Nature diapers have served us well and eases my guilt about not doing cloth. 

    Nellie's laundry detergent worked for DS' clothes and ours. No separate loads! Except for blowouts. 
  • Pro tip (seriously remember this one):

    Onesies are designed to be slid down past baby's shoulders. If you have a blow out or puke, pull it down and off instead of over baby's head. Keeps it from getting even worse!
    Yes! We had to do this with DD2 a few times! She was a master pooper! It worked so well to keep her head clean. 
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  • These are great!  Thanks a million!

    Wondering about thermometers -- what kind is best?
  • margareth said:
    These are great!  Thanks a million!

    Wondering about thermometers -- what kind is best?
    We have an ear thermometer (forget the brand) and it would never give an accurate reading (like would say DS is basically cold as ice or wouldn't give a reading at all). We got a Braun forehead thermometer and it works like a charm. I know they're less accurate but for our purposes it works. We can see if he's going up or down/if the Tylenol is working/if we need to take him in.
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  • Pro tip (seriously remember this one):

    Onesies are designed to be slid down past baby's shoulders. If you have a blow out or puke, pull it down and off instead of over baby's head. Keeps it from getting even worse!
    Yes! We had to do this with DD2 a few times! She was a master pooper! It worked so well to keep her head clean. 
    We didn't realize until a few months in. We definitely cleaned poop out of his hair before we learned!
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  • @margareth we have one of those Exergen temporal scanner thermometers. It seems to work really well actually for just a forehead scan, and accurate enough to determine whether to give medicine or call the doctor, which is all you really need to know when it comes down to it.
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    We use a rectal thermometer, still at 20 months. They are the most accurate. 

    Edit: I'm going to purchase a scanner one soon, but as a nurse I wanted the rectal one while they are little. A fever greater than 100.4 younger than 6 weeks is an automatic ER visit so I wanted it to be 100% accurate 
  • Thanks for this helpful info on thermometers!
  • @margareth

    We used a rectal when my two were little and then bought the Exergen Temporal when they were a little more still and I wasn't as concerned about a precise to the tenth degree. The Exergen is definitely worth the cost. We had a cheaper one initially and it was just cheap and inaccurate. 
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  • Hello Ladies!!! So I'm looking for bottle recommendations. With my daughter I used Dr. Brown's but for the first 4 months she had such bad gas and colic I'm wondering if anyone had any similar experienced that resulted in them finding a bottle that lets less air in? 

    Things I couldn't live without
    -Aden and Anais blankies (my daughter still loves to sleep with all of them). 
    -Noise machine 
    -A Great Umbrella Stroller (we use this 100% of the time now, in fact I haven't used my Uppababy Vista since she was probably like 9 months old). 
    -Bottle Warmer and Sterilizer 
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  • @Deems83 munchkin latch!  they were great for us. http://www.munchkin.com/bottles/all-about-latch.html

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  • jena333-2jena333-2
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    Another bottle question: I am hoping to breastfeed, but will also pump - are there better nipples for babies who go back and forth from breast to bottle?

    ETA: Thanks Souptin! I just clicked on the link and see that's exactly what the munchkin latch is designed to do.

    Are there other reqs?
  • @jena333 you want slow flow nipples and to do paced bottle feeding. The reason some babies end up preferring a bottle is because it's easier to get milk than nursing (if they aren't given breaks and have the faster/larger nipples).
  • Does anyone have experience or a preference between the Baeba babycook pro and the baby breeza prima for making baby food? Or any other brand/type you really like .... those are just the 2 that seem to stand out to me. I think the steaming and pureeing all in one feature. 
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  • I never used anything than a size 0 nipple. I didn't want it to be easier to get milk. I also never needed more than a 5 ounce bottle. 
  • Rock n Play vs. Swing vs. Pack n play: where did/do you plan to keep your kiddo. Need some help!

    So with DS we had a swing for the living room, since we had a tiny apt. With DD we had a pack n play for naps and a swing downstairs for awake time. With Baby 3, contemplating a rock n play bc I hear rave reviews - but is it to replace a swing/pack n play? Or just another baby device haha. We will have a pack n play downstairs for naps. 

    Should I get a swing or a Rock n play? how long did y'all use a rock n play if you had one? Thanks!
  • @tiki8286 great question.  Very interested in the responses.  
  • @tiki8286 we had a swing and a playpen. DS would nap in the swing when he was really little and it was awesome for soothing him and just as a place to put him where he could still see us. We never had a rock n play. Seems like it would serve the same purpose so I don't know if it's necessary. We had the playpen in our room for the first 6 weeks before he got booted out into his crib then we only ever used it for travelling.
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  • Does anyone have experience or a preference between the Baeba babycook pro and the baby breeza prima for making baby food? Or any other brand/type you really like .... those are just the 2 that seem to stand out to me. I think the steaming and pureeing all in one feature. 
    I boiled or steamed in my microwave then used a magic bullet to purée everything. I used the infantino system to make squeeze pouches, which I LOVED! Having the pouches made it super easy to freeze when I made ahead of time and to take on the go. Once DD was old enough she could self feed with the pouches too. I never once bought baby food and felt so good I knew what I was giving my baby without all of the extra preservatives and additives! I also never made straight fruit purres either so I knew she was always getting a healthy variety of fruits and vegetables.
  • I just cooked veggies and fruit in the oven or steamed on stove and then used a regular food processor for making all our baby food. It seemed like the gadgets specifically for baby food didn't have a lot of capacity, and I really liked being able to make it in bulk. I'd mix different things together for variety, freeze it in ice trays, and then dump all the cubes into labeled gallons zip locks and defrost a few at a time in the fridge as needed. Worked great for us, saved tons of $, easy, healthy, and no need to buy any extra baby stuff to take up space in our small kitchen (I did talk DH into buying me a nice big food processor which I can now use for other things!)
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  • Things I found I used the most/what worked the best/& or stuff I still use 2.5yrs later:

    Tula infant carrier
    Munckin Owl nightlight
    Travel Sleep Sheep
    Aden + Anais muslin blankies, swaddles and sleep sacks
    MAM pacis 
    Dr Browns bottles 
    Lansinoh milk storage bags
    Oxo Tot PerfectPull auto wipe dispenser (not a heated thing)
    Ubbi diaper pail 
    Hooded towels
    4 Mom's Spout cover for water temp
    Rock n Play
    Pack n Play
    Waterproof changing cover pads (so you don't change the cover, just the pad)
    A good breastfeeding App
    Shampoo Rinse Cup
    A swing (had 4moms Mamaroo and kid hated)
    Fisher Price Precious Planet whale tub (had Puj...barely used. Use a towel in the sink then fill with water for tiny baby)
    All Aveeno products (J&J irritates skin)
    Plain cheapy baby washcloths...ones with piping don't work as well and arent as soft...not even the A+A ones)
    Rectal thermometer 

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  • Just throwing this out there, not sure if it's the same deal at every target nation wide (or if it's online) but we just bought our Tula and got a $30 gift card back. With the target registry coupon you'd only save about $28 and have to wait until way close to your due date
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