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Postpartum Symptoms, Issues & Other Fun - week 2/6


Re: Postpartum Symptoms, Issues & Other Fun - week 2/6

  • @Jab3 my back hurt for the first 2 weeks after LO was born. It hurt pretty bad. I put a heating pad on it multiple times a day and that helped... also with my oldest, I had a terrible epidural experience, and my back hurt and felt bruised for months where the guy incorrectly placed it. So if it's connected to that, then it might hurt for a while :( maybe talk to your dr about it? 
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  • @Jab3 my back hurt so much after delivery. I needed Morphine it was so awful. It lasted for about 2 weeks. 
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  • @Jab3 I too am overweight and have back pain. I was doing fine for a few weeks after LO was
    born, but as he grew and moved into 9lbs, I've noticed more lower back pain. I figured it was because I'm constantly holding LO or bending over to pick him up or put him down to change diapers/outfits. I assume it's because I'm probably lifting with my back and not legs. I just take a couple of Ibuprofen, sit in a chair with good back support when I can, and, if it gets really bad, turn on my electric blanket on my bed (and use it like a heating pad).
  • @kswiger06, I think I will mention it to my doctor when I go in a couple weeks that's def a good idea

    @concreteangell, I'm sorry to hear you were in that much pain. I asked my doc's office for more pain meds (like narcotics, not Motrin/Tylenol) and they said no. Assholes lol I also still have a hernia that needs to be repaired that they wouldn't fix during the csection so that isn't helping either. 

    @purplewriter I think doing the same things for the baby that you describe are making the pain worse, but what's weird and unusual about it is it's all in my middle/upper back. You have some good tips on trying to ease some of the pain.
  • @Jab3 if it's all middle/upper back, could it be nursing position? I know I sometimes get myself in a less than ideal position, especially when LO is freaking out or being fussy, and that makes a big difference. I try to remind myself to get into a more ergonomic position before I get started, which saves me some grief in the long run, even if it means he melts down a bit more in the moment. 

  • @poetryandoceans, this could definitely be a contributing factor!
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