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  • @MrsFlemingo I second what @Cbeanz said. I have a Planet Wise wet bag in a plastic hamper.

    We're about 1 week into our cloth diapering journey. I waited for both babies' umbilical cord stumps to fall off, and for the peanut to get a little bit bigger. I started my bigger guy first, but he immediately got a nasty diaper rash, so I switched him to disposables while that cleared up. I've learned that he needs coconut oil on his booty with each diaper change.

    we're doing mostly prefolds and fitteds with covers, but I picked up a couple of AIOs at a consignment sale this weekend. ($10 for 5... I figured it was worth a try). 

    I'm digging the cloth! It hasn't added too much time to my routine, and we have fewer blowouts and leaks than we did with disposables. 
  • Cbeanz said:
    kjd291 said:
    Cbeanz said:
    I cannot WAIT to start CDing! But I want DD to get to about 8lb so she fits better in the AIOs. We have a while to go lol!
    Wanna take a few pounds from my kid ;) hahah.
    My hospital discharge instructions told me not to lift anything over 10lb. I thought of you!!
    Haha!! That's too funny!! Good thing I didn't get that order!  When we were discharged it was crazy to be reminded that they only get concerned if babies loose 10% of their weight--which means she can loose a whole pound!? 

    My mom sent me a picture of my sister baking yesterday holding a giant bag of flour with the caption of "this is also 10lbs" haha.  
  • With my first daughter we just used a large hanging wet bag (Applecheeks). I didn't want to do that this time around so we bought a 13 gallon trash can and a couple Planet Wise pail liners.
  • No baby yet but based on recommendations we also have Planet Wise pail liners to go in a diaper dekor plus upstairs, and a wet bag that zips for downstairs. 
    We're planning on using disposables until the baby's out of newborn sizes, then switching to cloth. 
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