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  • kjd291kjd291
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    Feeling better today... which is good... but means no baby. Haha.  10 days overdue!!? BUT did my 30min of Zumba to get some energy and have some fun to start my day off with some positivity! Happy March everyone!!
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  • @serenity13 thank you so much!!

    Your mom sounds like an amazing inspiration!! I never thought that I would be something remotely close to that for my children. The idea warms my heart! :) <3 

    What I do definitely works hand in hand with the DOD IA work your sister does! 

    I have a huge amount of admiration for those that have a heart to get into non profit and truly think its wonderful that you recognize your ability to make an impact/ positive change. Honestly does NOT sound cheesy at all! :) Coincidently I was having a conversation this last weekend -- that more often than not people question the value of their contributions (thus question if they should try at all). If we don't see an impact we tend to feel like we haven't made a difference but in reality we don't know how our efforts are used in the bigger picture. All that to say.... I think you're super ahead of the power curve embracing the fact that you KNOW you can make a difference and you're good at it! 

    So fantatsic that you are almost done AND work is reimbursing you??!! Woohoo!
  • @vino831 yes! Appointment this afternoon to check on baby and most likely schedule a final eviction date for next week just incase ;) 
  • I keep thinking about you and your baby @kjd291 !!!! I hope your appt this afternoon goes great!!! XOXO

    I had my 39 week check up today and Baby is showing no sign of coming out anytime soon, LOL. There's lots of amniotic fluid so Baby is still moving around a ton and seems to be very happy in there. Because I'm 40 the Midwife did share that they typically like talking about induction right about now, but she would hold off until next week... and that the standard of care is definitely by 41 weeks. I shared that I think mine and Baby's health / vitals are a better indicator than age, and since all has and continues to look great, I don't see why induction would be a route for us to take. She did agree with that :) Nevertheless, I talked about it with my Doula and I've decided to start acupuncture on Monday to encourage labor & avoid the talk and pressure to induce. So I have an appt on Monday at noon!!
  • @vino831 ... Wow! Such a beautiful and cozy room!! I adore the dresser and the corner with the chair. So comfy!
  • Just saw your thread @kjd291 ....PRAYING FOR YOU AND BABY!!!! 
  • @vino831 beautiful room!!!

    @triwellnessgirl you're so close too at 39 weeks! It's great that your doctors are responsive to what you want. 

    @kjd291 did Zumba this morning and she's in L&D now!! Way to workout right up to the very last moment!!! I hope we all feel good enough for that! 

    I mentioned in the appt thread but just SO relieved that my little guy is head down now! However it goes from here, I'm just glad that my chance to see what my body can do is not taken away from me!! I went to crossfit last night and got kind of dizzy, even though l was going at the same low intensity I've been doing. I sat down right away and had water and felt better but it kinda scared me! I think everyone around me thought I was going into labor haha! 
  • @jenny0228 so glad to hear baby flipped down!! 

    @triwellnessgirl I'm interested to hear how the acupuncture goes. I've heard that and acupressure can help jump start things. But I don't know much about it beyond that. 
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  • @jenny0228 !!!!!! YESSSSSAAAAA!!!! Oh my goodness!!! I'm so THRILLED  to read this update!!!! HOORAY for you and your little guy. I can't imagine the relief you must be feeling. YAAAY!!
  • Thanks @npaulie !! I'll let you all know how it goes next week!!
  • jenny0228 WAHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! SO STINKIN' HAPPY he flipped!!!!!!!!!  :p <3 :D <3  
  • Hey my lovely fit mamas.  Just checking in with my workout of the day ;)  thinking of you guys while I walked 2hrs of labor and delivery halls! Hahaha

    Can't wait to introduced my baby girl to my online fitness buddies! She just needs to hurry up and get here! 
  • @kjd291 you're doing so awesome!! Can't wait for you to meet her too!! 

    Im headed to yoga tonight, we're going to cover birthing positions this evening. Also today was my last day of work!!! Woohoo!! I feel like there's so many awesome happy things happening today!! 
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  • aww @kjd291 you're doing incredible!! Can't wait for all your hard work to pay off so soon!!!! Continuing to say prayers everything goes well!❤

    @npaulie congrats on your last day of work!!! Enjoy your yoga session!

    @jenny0228 sooo thrilled to hear your little guy flipped!!! Hoping he stays that way for good until your big day!

    @vino831 thanks so much for the kind words!!! I loooove your little one's room, it's so perfect!!

    @triwellnessgirl so glad your appt went well & agree with what you told your MW - definitely let us know how the acupuncture goes!

    I'm over my cold & feeling pretty good overall - this morning I did my 4th yoga workout for the week & planning to do another tomorrow am too. Every day this week I've been crossing more & more things off my to-do list...almost ready for baby!! :)
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    Good morning Lovely Ladies!!!

    @kjd291 .... You're AWESOME! Stay strong! You (and God!) have got this! XOXO

    @npaulie ... Have a super yoga class and CONGRATS on your last day of work!!! WooHoo!

    @serenity13 .... So glad to hear you're over your cold. You're doing so great with your yoga workouts and getting your to-do's scratched off! I'm sure it feels great!!

    This morning I did 40min of Cardio followed by 3 sets of 15 of Overhead Squats, Pelvic Rocks, and Incline Pushups. I also did 3 sets of Squat Holds for 30, 45, 60 sec each. Kept the workout light and easy. Felt good though. I'll be spending some time on my birth ball today to help encourage the Baby ;) 
    Yesterday we installed the car seat and I finished marking up the bible I am taking to the hospital with me with all of my labor Truths!This bible was a wedding gift from my maid of honor, we are also going to ask her to be the Baby's godmother after the Baby is born. She lives in Massachusetts so won't be here for the birth, but will be here in April for Baby's dedication.  Today's to-do's include dropping off the doggie beds and their food at their "resort" in preparation in case we need to drop them off in the middle of the night before heading to the hospital. I'll also pack the hospital bag today.

    Have a super day everyone!!!!

  • @kjd291 you've got this!!!! can't wait to hear the news that she is HERE! You're going to do great!! Working out until the very last moment, as we could have guessed! ;) 

    @npaulie congrats on your last day before your leave! YEAAAH! That must be a great feeling! Enjoy yoga tonight! I can't wait til next Thursday, it's my last day in the office, then a week from home, then I'm OUT! 

    @triwellnessgirl - awesome work getting after those overhead squats, lady! that sounds like a great workout! Love your labor truths file!! You are ready! What do you do on the birth ball? I have one but ignored it once I heard LO was breech but now I want to get back to it. 

    @serenity13 I don't know about you but I'm getting so antsy with all these babies coming! I have this feeling my little guy is still going to come early even though I'm no longer slated for 39week c-section, and I know you have been told you might go early too. March 28 seems sooooo far away for us! ;) 

    I went to a breastfeeding class last night - it was sooo informative! Being at the hospital made me so excited to meet my little guy! 
  • STM's I have a silly question...... so how long will I be confined to the house with Baby once (s)he is born??? My due date is 3/9 and I just found out my good friend's Baby Shower is 3/25. It's a 45min drive away... so it'll be 90min by car and if I stay around 2hrs, I'll be out of the house for 3.5 hours. I'm thinking that's too long to be away from Baby, right, due to nursing? And that will probably be too soon to bring Baby around a bunch of people!? Thoughts???? Sorry, I'm sure this is such a silly question....
  • @jenny0228 ;

    Here is what I'm doing on the birth ball to encourage labor
    • Sitting on a firm birthing ball and doing rather rapid hip circles (hoola hoops) or figure “8s” especially if there are no contractions
    • Sitting on a firm birthing ball sway the ball side to side with your hips and legs

      This is also a good article of ways to use the ball during labor as well, which I will be doing:

  • Awesome, thanks for the tips @triwellnessgirl
  • You're really so amazing @kjd291 and a HUGE inspiration!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing and being such a source of encouragement!!!! YOU ROCK!

    How are you and Natalie feeling today? HUGS!!
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    Oh my word @jenny0228 are you doing 17.2 ???? IT SUUUUUUUUUUUUCKS !!!!!!!!!   :o  

    My HR was through the roof... check it out!! (This image also includes a 15min warmup and then 15min after I was done with my heat watching Heat 2, 10min of hanging out with the crew, and a 20min Cardio cooldown, LOL)

  • @kjd291 AWWWZZZZ!!! I'm so glad that all your hard work paid off! So excited for you to be on the other side of this journey! Natalie is so beautiful, and 10+lbs? WOW - just in total amazement of your strength and your positivity! As @triwellnessgirl said, you have been such an inspiration and I have no doubt you will continue to inspire us as you'll be the first to foray into the post-partum fitness world! I mention to DH all the time how we have been doing the challenges and how the accountability of planning workout weeks here has kept me going! Love my fit mamas!!  <3 <3 <3
  • @triwellnessgirl I am not sure if I'm going to get to do 17.2, at least not today or this weekend anyway... I looked at it though and what's with all the dumbbell work so far?!? It looks HORRID. (But of course I can't wait to get after it... ;) I'm glad that I can't do muscle ups even if I wasn't pregnant though- that is one that very few people will be able to RX, at least in my gym. I may try to do it at open gym sometime this week before 17.3 comes out! AWESOME job getting through it though!! And you are weeks ahead of me, I'm still only in my 36th week! So impressive!!!  <3
  • aww @kjd291 you're the best! I agree, this group has been amazing and I can't imagine this pregnancy without you all and our weekly checkins or the encouragement & advice you've all given to me! I love that you got to put all the squatting to good use & that talking about this group with your midwife helped during your labor! Your birth story really inspired me, I'm so impressed by your positive outlook throughout the whole pregnancy and by your faith in your body to trust the process! I hope I'll have a quarter of your strength for whenever my baby decides to come! Hope you're enjoying some baby cuddles right now!
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  • What @serenity13 said !!!!!!
    @kjd291 I shared your birth story with my Bradley Method instructor and my Doula. What a testimony of preparation, faith, and belief in what our bodies were created to do!!!!!! WoooHoooo!!!
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    Oh my goodness @jenny0228 .... my pelvic area is soooooooo sore today!!!!! Either Baby has big time dropped or those weighted Lunges kicked me in the hoohaa!!!!! YIKES!

    PS.... good article on 17.2 modifications for pregnancy
  • AW Huge creepy Internet hugs back to you @kjd291!!!  :) I can't believe you were carrying a 10+ lb Natalie!! Seriously so amesome. Your faith, positively and encouragement has been instrumental in making this such a special group of ladies!! As everyone else has said - you're a total inspiration!

    Rest and recover ** enjoy those little ladies** then let's get on the postpardum fitness train!! Wahoo!!
  • @kjd291 did you use any type of oil or anything down there to try to prevent tearing? Do you think the tea or anything else you did helped with that? I still can't get over how you managed it! 
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  • I love lurking this thread! You ladies are all so inspiring! Even though I completely dropped off the fitness train these past few weeks (aside from some squats) I've been following along in your progress and it baffles me what you are still getting out to do! I look forward to reading more of your labour & birth stories :)
  • Got discharged early so we're home with big sister! Gonna be a crazy transition-but glad to be home starting the process! I'll definitely be on here checking in but obviously not quite as often ;p

    @serenity13  - re:tearing! No!! I didn't do anything special! I seriously was (and still am) in shock that my lady bits were so graciously spared ;) not only because of her size-but because i know you're less likely to tear if you push slow and take it easy and gradually let everything stretch--I even mentally knew that in the moment but basically said to myself "screw that--getting this kid out NOW"

    The nurse that delivered with me mentioned something about how I must eat well and be "healthier" because apparently there is a correlation with good nutrition??? But I really have no clue.  

  • Thought I'd share this helpful video on different labor positions including using the Birth Ball (last 2min of video)
  • Yayyyyyy!! Welcome home baby Natalie!! Hope you have a quick recovery @kjd291! Keep the baby pics coming when you get a chance to check in!! 

    So guys I'm sitting in the hospital waiting for my second blood draw- getting this GD test again because my ultrasounds have been reading as baby being so big, they want to retest. Hoping it's not the case and I just have a big healthy baby like @kjd291! After this 3hr ordeal I am going to get a pedi!! Gonna do a strength workout later today and add more squats. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! 
  • Thinking of you and praying for great results @jenny0228 !!! Please keep us posted!!!!
  • @triwellnessgirl thanks for sharing the video!! Also way to go with that killer workout you did on Friday! I had a few CF post on FB about how hard that workout was. 

    @jenny0228 definitely keep us updated on how the tests go! And you for sure deserve a pedi after all this!

    @kjd291 hope you're setting in okay at home! 

    think I overdid it Thursday with all my energy. Spent most of yesterday laying around the house because I was SO exhausted. I felt like I'd been hit by a truck. More energy today but just counted cleaning the apt as my "exercise" in case I overdo it again for tomorrow. 
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  • jenny0228 def keep us posted. Glad to hear you have a pedi planned after!

    npaulie I am definitely feeling it more when I overdo it. Or maybe it's just that Im overdoing it everyday lol

    @kjd291 so happy you're headed home! Can't wait to hear how the transition goes! 

    @triwellnessgirl about your question for heading out to your friends shower - depending on multiple variables ofc - if it were me I'd plan to go. As long as they understood it's a flexible RSVP. Variables could be - recovery (you just never know what your labor will be like) energy, general hormones (lol), or if you deliver passed your EDD you just might not be up for it.

    But 45 min shouldn't be too long of a drive if you feed them prior and perhaps allot an hour or so to get there jic you need to stop. And then I would wear the baby there so that they are close to mama and not as exposed to everyone. 

    Hope that helps a little? Again I stress thats what I would do if it were me. But I'm generally a pretty laid back mama :)

    Due tmw ladies!! Other than a twinge here or there though no signs of her arrival.

    Also I know everyone here isn't on Facebook and idk if yall have read much into/heard of the wonder weeks but they just opened the Wonder Weeks March 2017 group. I found the wonder weeks to be a great learning source for me. For DSs developments as well as managing some expectations or preparing me for when he might be having a tough time. So there is the WW app that I'd recommend for everyone but the FB group is nice for another group of mamas that are going through the same exact phases that you are with your little. :)

  • kjd291kjd291
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    @jenny0228 thinking of you!!

    thanks everyone! We're enjoying our first transition day as a family of 4!  It's SO hard to sit still and let my husband do everything. But this recovery time is so necessary... just getting up and down to grab food or pee I can get weak and dizzy--so trying to show my body grace and be patient to get back to being more independent in a few days. ((Happy that my midwives do 2wk follow up appt as well as the standard 6wk-so thinking/hoping 2wks of rest and then I can get checked on/be cleared for light activity! Until 6 when I'll ask to start working out again.))

    Hoping after DD1 is in bed, I can get DD2 fed and happy enough to hand her off to dad and get my recovery Epsom Salt soak !   On discharge from the hospital Midwife handed me a bag and said they're super helpful postpartum -- and I was like: lady-you have no idea -- Epsom Salt is my jam!! ;) hahah
  • Happy due date, @vino831! Hopefully your little lady is getting ready to make a move! Can't wait to hear how your home birth goes. So impressed that you will be delivering at home!

    @npaulie I know what you mean about overdoing it. I have bouts of energy and then I don't realize I've overdid it until it's too late. So exciting that you are on your leave now - hopefully that means you can de-stress and rest up, and get your activity in whenever you feel like it now that your schedule is freed up! 

    @kjd291 so glad to hear you are letting yourself rest and letting DH help you! Hope you got your post-partum Epsom soak in last night! 

    Thanks for all the thoughts ladies - so they called me with the result of my test - no GD! PHEW! I'm going crazy with all these worries though: first baby being breech, then finally turning, then OB suspecting pre-e after I had some extra protein in urine; then doing the test to find out there is no issue. THEN OB suspecting GD after seeing that baby is reading big on u/s; only to find out my glucose levels, both fasting and non-fasting are not even a hair elevated. All these last minute ups and downs are making me nuts!! GAAH! 

    Feeling much calmer today, sitting on my birth ball a bunch, planning to head out for a walk once it warms up a bit. I put the finishing touches on the baby's room too! Here's a pic. I'm so excited about the wallpaper on one wall! No real theme, semi maritime since we live near the water but just things I like. 

  • @jenny0228 I'm annoyed FOR you for getting put through all that unnecessary stress! Medical emergencies and concerns in pregnancy are real and it's so nice to have the tests, technologies, and ability to take care of moms that have these issues--but more often than not us "healthy normal pregnancy" moms get thrown into all of them with OBs excuse to be overly cautious and it doesn't help anything except get us all anxious that something is wrong!! 

    Glad you're feeling better today!! I LOVE the nursery! So beautiful < 3 
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