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What are your opinions on the name Levi?
Do you know any? If so, what part of the country do you live in?

Re: Thoughts?/Opinions?

  • I know one he lives in Fla. he is a young man who is  a loser. It makes me not like the name.

  • mercury94mercury94
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    I know a few kids named Levi, under about 5 years old, in Texas. One is a girl. 


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  • laurenm2123laurenm2123
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    I like it- someone in my BMB has a son named Levi, not sure where she is from

    Matthew McCaughahey's son is named Levi, so another vote for Texas haha
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  • I knew a few when I lived in Iowa. None since moving to Arizona. One really sucked, which makes me not like it... but personal connection aside, it's decent 
  • I know a few Levis, both in the midwest and the southeast, and incidentally, they're all the kids of farmers, so it always sounds country to me. 
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  • It's not my style but fine 

  • i don't know any but i think it is a fine name
  • I don't know anyone named Levi IRL, but it is one of my favorites! It's on my short list for a hypothetical third boy. 
  • ladylolly89ladylolly89
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    I know at least two that I can think of. Both are from the Midwest, but neither are farmers. Levi is a Bible name, so I guess it doesn't really seem "country" to me. 
    ETA that I like the name! I wouldn't use it because it sounds boring with our one syllable, very common last name, but it's great otherwise.
  • I like it. I know a few, but I teach in an elementary school. I live in Alabama, and I think it's more popular in the south, but still not overwhelmingly popular.
  • Rshapiro86Rshapiro86
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    I have a Levi! He's 2 months old. I love the name obviously! Other than him, I don't know any others.
  • I knew a boy named Levi, he is maybe 5? Because they're a military family like ours, he technically isn't from where he was born, and he was moved twice since then. I forget where they are now, east coast somewhere. 

    Anyway. I'm not really into the name but that's just preference on my part. Otherwise it's fine. 
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  • I know one. He's 4 years old. Where I live (in Europe) Levi is a top 20 name. I like it a lot!
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  • I know one, he is 4. Live downtown in the city, it struck me as more of a hip urban choice.  I like ie! Short and simple
  • I know one Levi. He's 4, I think. A cute kid from a great family. Great, old, biblical name.
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