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Why my pregnant self is crying? Feb Edition


Re: Why my pregnant self is crying? Feb Edition

  • I started crying because I came home to a passive aggressive note from my aunt about needing to wash and sterilize the baby's bottles. This was after I had spent the night around my future inlaws that constantly give me unsolicited advice and ask me all the stupid inconsiderate questions people ask pregnant women. 

    I am so sick of everyone trying to tell me how to care for my baby and trying to make me feel stupid. I know that the bottles need to be done, I know not to put blankets in the crib, I know that babies sleep on their backs, and I know that its safer for me to sleep in the same room as the baby (doesn't mean I'm going to do it though)!!! I am not stupid and I've cared for babies before.

    Excuse me, I think I'm going to have a repeat of this morning's breakdown.  
  • @datalover13 I totally understand your crying moment! DS kept saying "mama home" "baby home", today. I asked him if he wanted us to come home and he said "YES!". He is a bit delayed speech wise, so this was pretty amazing for him to vocalize what he really wanted. I'm sure with everything you are dealing with right now, that tipped you right over the edge! Hopefully, you can be with both your boys really soon!
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