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Clark and Claire?

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My daughter is named Claire. Back when I was pregnant with her, we planned to use Clark if it was a boy. Well, now I'm expecting a boy! And we still love the name Clark. There are just no other boy names that are doing it for us. My only hesitation is that Clark and Claire are very similar. Although most of their life will be spent as adults living separate lives, so maybe this isn't such a big deal.

Should we just go with the name we love (Clark), or settle for a different name that isn't so similar to Claire? 

Re: Clark and Claire?

  • I would choose another name. We had a girl name last time, too, but now that it doesn't go with our son's name it just doesn't feel right. I just don't like matchy names.
  • It's too matchy for me 

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  • What about something like Grant or Kent? 
  • Although I think Clark is an awesome name, Clark and Claire is too matchy for my taste. I like pps suggestions of Grant. I'll add Reid, Dean and Rhett.
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  • Grant is nice, but we have a presidential last name, so it feels weird.

    I like Arthur, but DH has a cousin named that (although I've never met him). I also like Parker
  • I like name 'sets' that go together without being too matchy, and I think Claire and Clark sound fine. It's not like they rhyme or anything, and Clark is such a good pick!
  • Everyone has good points on whether to use them together or not. Personally, I think if you love both names, then that's what it boils down to and you should use them. I'd kindly suggest that you give some consideration (privately!) to your future family-planning goals---because if there were to be a third kiddo in the mix, and you went with Claire and Clark, you might be too "locked in" to a style that would be tough to break, you know what I mean? You might be putting yourself into an even tougher sitch later on. Just a thought!
  • SKZW yes! This has come up as well, because we haven't ruled out a 3rd. I don't want to be locked in to another "c" name. If this baby was a girl her name would have been Anna, so we aren't purposely trying to do a "c" theme.

    I saw someone suggested on another thread to print the top 1000 names and highlight favorites. I think we may do this, just to see if we can find another name to consider. 
  • Honestly I think the matchy concern is more for you than them.  Like you said, most of the kids lives are separate and they might not feel annoyed by it.  I am one of 5 kids and one sibling has a name similar to mine and it does not bother me.  But for you as a mother, especially if you only have 2 kids, every time you say or write both names together it might bother you. So ask yourself if it would bug you, not them. 
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    I agree, to CL names is too much. Arthur and Parker would both sound fantastic with Claire. (And a cousin you've never met and DH isn't close to wouldn't stop me from using a name I loved.)
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  • Parker is a great name with Claire. I feel like you would definitely be locked into a "style" with Clark and Claire. 
  • I actually love Claire and Clark! Having such different endings... it just works for me. 
  • It's fairly matchy but if you love it and nothing else, it's fine. I like it better than Parker, personally. 

    I don't understand why it would lock you in for future names - that's when it would really be awful and over the top, IMHO. Claire, Clark and Anna is a fine set. Claire, Clark and, say, Clementine is horrific. 
  • A little too close for my taste, but if you LOVE it, then go for it.
    Suggesting under used classic and well suited with Claire (also a classic), AND rhymes with Clark 
  • I think Clark is too matchy matchy with Claire. I like the suggestion of Grant. What about Neil?
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